August 23, 2023

Blackblast #247 - Music and Mayhem

Stairway to Heaven
Less, Deep Blue, Bart Simpson, Gravy, Big Money
Chubbs back on Q at The Stairs! I never have done a music themed beatdown. That changes tomorrow as I take a little inspiration from the beatdown I joined in Pittsburg last week! HC below and bring those coupons!
After being chased out of the parking lot, it is being torn up and re-surfaced, which seems fairly silly for the 2 cars that park their on average....ANYWAY...move to temporary AO across the street for stretching. First Song - Jump Around: Mosey in place, jump squat each time you hear JUMP! Walk with coupons to base of stairs and warm up the arms
the thang
Second Song - Thunderstruck: Static position is OH coupon hold, Thruster each time you hear the work THUNDER! Up the stairs... Third song - Flower (Bring Sally Up): Legs hanging off curb at 6 inches, bring them, up on bring sally up and back down on down. This is essentially a four minute leg hold at 6 inches. Down the stairs Fourth Song - Roxanne: Static hold is mid point of curl, on Roxanne complete a full coupon curl Up the stairs Fifth Song - Fireball: Static position is plank, each time you hear the word FIRE doa groiner. Mosey to bottom of hill past the party store and back up, grab coupon and back to temp AO. MORE SKUNK SIGHTINGS!!!
Sixth song - Happy: Each time you hear the word HAPPY do a BBS.
Big Moneys parking lot construction project and skunks chasing Deep Blue make for Mayhem!!! Iron Pax on the horizon T.A.P.S It's all in the Hips -Chubbs

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