August 26, 2023

Blackblast #249 - The DIFFERENT impossible mile

The Zoo
Less, Deep Blue, ATM, Manhole
Well we are approaching the wonderful time of year when Saturday posts get a little tricky for me . So this, most likely, being my last Zoo Q for a bit I have lots of ideas. This workout might feel a little polarizing. Parts may resonate with you looking for a Clydesdale workout and parts may favor the road runners. No matter, we will put the work in and get stronger. Bring those coupons and HC  
Various stretching and demonstration of a blockie with a throw (Ralphie)
the thang
First quarter mile was made up of Ralphie's, from the AO to the far tree line and back. Run a quarter mile and perform 100 Squats IC 4X25. Run a quarter mile and perform 100 merkins IC 4X25 (speak to our current goals during a 20-30 second rest in between sets). Run a quarter mile and perform 100 BBS IC 4X25.
Circle of Burpee/Blockie Doom The QIC figured that we needed to get about 50 more burpee/blockies in to equal 100 so each PAX held high plank while we went around the circle one at a time so each PAX could do 10 blockies.
Look for Labor Day info soon! Look for IPC Sunday! QIC shared F3 Flow benefits he is realizing and discussion on importance of having a goal to work toward. Thoughts, Accolades, Prayers (TAPs) It's all in the Hips -Chubbs

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