September 2, 2023

Blackblast #253 - On the fly plan

The Zoo
Venti, ATM, Manhole
I'm your Q tomorrow at the Zoo. Still making up a plan, however coupons will be involved. HC below...
Stretching, 10 Arm Circles (IC),10 Reverse Arm Circles (IC), 10 Seal Claps, 10 Overhead Claps, 15 SSH, warm up lap.
the thang
YHC did not have much of a plan coming into the day, so we kind of just winged it. We broke off into partners. Person 1 would double farmer's carry coupons 40 yards and back, while Persons 2 would do AMRAP squats. We completed 2 rounds of this. The next evolution had Person 1 doing suicide runs, with 10 yards of space (4 total stops), while person 2 did AMRAP curls. For the second variation, the mode of transport stayed the same and the exercise became skull crushers. The third evolution had Person 1 doing overhead coupon carries, while Person 2 did AMRAP bent over rows. We did this for 2 rounds. For the final evolution, Person 1 did single carry famer's carry, while Person 2 did AMRAP BBS. We did this for 2 rounds. The exercise was each person doing 5 burpees, followed by throwing a ~70# sandbag over their head, while the other PAX did various in place movements (high knees, Apollo Ohnos, etc.)
We tried something new today. We used Moby's song "Sally", however the resting position was the canoe position and when "Bring Sally Up" we would go to boat position. Due to the challenge, we lasted 1/2 the way through the song before Chillcutt Planking the remaining half of the song.
Prayers for ATM and Manhole's friend Joseph following an injury. Prayers of gratitude as Manhole's son went to college this past week. Book club has started a new book. Double tap opportunity for Monday. The beaches are safe! -Hasselhoff

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