September 7, 2023

Blackblast #257 - 145 + 55 = 200

Stairway to Heaven
Bart Simpson, Less, Snoop, Venti, Ditka, Bobby Flay, Gravy, Big Money, Deep Blue
100 + 100  Day!!! No coupons needed for this one just HC and enjoy adding things up to 200!
Various stretching and a mosey lap around the parking lot and then on to the stairs.
the thang
Hey! Did you know there are 145 stairs on The Stairs? But this is a 200 post celebration... 145 stairs up + 55 Dips IC 145 stairs down + 55 Calf Raises IC 145 Stairs up backwards + 55 4 ct. Flutters IC 145 Stairs Down + 55 Merkins IC 145 Stairs Up side straddle style (left over right) + 126.5 squats IC (Snoop made comment that we only actually hit half the stairs due to form... 145 Stairs down + 55 4 ct LBCs IC 145 Stairs up side saddle style the other way then straight down to the AO
55 Burpees as a team. All Pax hold a plank variation while one at a time we each complete 6 burpees, QIC did 7 to total 55. 3 minutes of yoga cool down
The importance of pushing towards a goal. It may be a fitness (post goal, CSAUP training), life goal, family goal. Goals are important towards mental strength. Enlist your fellow PAX for accountability and support if you need it! See you at 300!!! It's all in the hips! -Chubbs

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