November 10, 2022

Blackblast #28 - Happy Birthday, Hack

Veterans Memorial Park
Bart Simpson, Madoff, Chubbs, Gravy, Bobby Flay
Tomorrow we will honor the birthday of Colonel David Hackworth at Veterans Park.  HARDCORE RECONDOS! HC here, no coupons.
Capri Lap 20 SSH
the thang
Mosey to the parking lot north of the church. Partner up and do 40 declined Burpees. Hack Quote 1: Care for your men. Maintain discipline. Always set an example. You take fewer casualties attacking than retreating: “Your job is not to die for your country but to make the other son of a bitch die for his country.” Once engaged, give no quarter. Drill, drill, drill. Stay alert, stay alive. Mosey to the Mason building and partner up. Partner 1 does dips while partner 2 runs the stairs. Flap Jack to 100. Hack Quote 2: > I learned in WW II,” he said, “that the slightest bit of excitement in a leader is transmitted to the men. You might be afraid, but the fear gets magnified in the troops. Somebody has to keep his cool. If you’re a decent leader, you don’t dare lose it—for your own good. You’ve got to keep your unit up there doing its job. Mosey to GR Montessori and partner up. Partner 1 does AMRAP lunges while partner 2 runs to the traffic light and back. Rinse and repeat for two rounds. Hack Quote 3: Strive to do small things well. Be a doer and a self-starter—aggressiveness and initiative are two most admired qualities in a leader—but you must also put your feet up and think. Strive for self-improvement through constant self-evaluation. Never be satisfied. Ask of any project, How can it be done better?  Mosey to the playground and partner up. Partner 1 does 5 pull ups while partner 2 does AMRAP mountain climbers. Flap Jack then Rinse and repeat 2x. Hack Quote 4: Don’t overinspect or oversupervise. Allow your leaders to make mistakes in training, so they can profit from the errors and not make them in combat.  Mosey to GRCC Hack Quote 5: Keep the troops informed; telling them “what, how, and why” builds their confidence.  Burp Back Mountain for three rotations Hack Quote 6: The harder the training, the more troops will brag. Enthusiasm, fairness, and moral and physical courage—four of the most important aspects of leadership. Showmanship—a vital technique of leadership. The ability to speak and write well—two essential tools of leadership. There is a salient difference between profanity and obscenity; while a leader employs profanity (tempered with discretion), he never uses obscenities.  Mosey to the AO Hack Quote 7: Have consideration for others. Yelling detracts from your dignity; take men aside to counsel them.
Partner up. Partner 1 does AMRAP flutters while partner 2 does 10 BBS. Flap Jack and then rinse and repeat until each pax has done 30 BBS
Hack recognised that the cornerstone of esprit is hard work and success: “You can’t make a unit proud by praising it and you can’t make a soldier proud by telling him how tough or good he is. That’s the superficial stuff. No pain, no gain. They had to earn it.” But equally, Hack knew the value of a little showmanship, particularly in building the cohesion that comes with being part of a distinct tribe: > _… I brought back saluting, a sign of military discipline that had been swallowed up by the rice paddy mud. Then I added a twist. When a soldier saluted, I required him to sound off with a loud “Hardcore Recondo, sir” — to which the officer would reply, “No fucking slack” …. Bob Press hired a machine shop in Saigon to make small black metal Recondo arrowhead pins, which the men quickly began wearing …. all outgoing mail was stamped with the Recondo logo …. All of this said, We’re different, we’re not just plain old infantry, we’re the best._ HARDCORE RECONDOS - Kraut

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