December 1, 2022

Blackblast #38 - Not Ideal

Ideal Park
Soft Spot
Toto, Mad Cow
I am on Q at Ideal Park. HC here for a not an Ideal Park beatdown, courtesy from Manhattan Park. 0530. SYITG - Bring a coupon. 
YHC decided to help out and pick up the Q. Generally, don't come to this AO because of the location. Morning started well and was prepared and to be early. My car had other plans. With a dead battery I quickly updated the channel and reached out to Mad Cow. Mad Cow started off and led the PAX on a run while they waited for YHC to arrive.
the thang
Finally arriving 15 minutes late I took over the Q. The PAX were warmed up from their run and ready to go. The plan was to Use the workout I led at Manhattan Park on Tuesday. Time to condense the plan a litle. PAX Lined up with Coupons. -Bear Crawl with Coupon Push distance of 4 parking lines -Crawl Bear with Coupon Pull back to start -Deadlift to Overhead Press x15 -Goblet Squat x15 -Imperial Walkers (4ct) x10 -Deadlift to Overhead Press x12 -Goblet Squat x12 -Imperial Walkers (4ct) x10 -Deadlift to Overhead Press x10 -Goblet Squat x10 -Imperial Walkers (4ct) x10 PAX then went for a mosey to find some benches for the next Round. 11's PAX Started with Dips (1) at the Benches and then Lunge Walk about 10 Yard for Merkins (10). Rinse and Repeat untill Finished. We had a little time left and went for our Burpee Breakdown Run. PAX went for a mosey with stops along the way. 1. Merkins x10 2. Jump Squats x10 3. Burpees x10 This would have continued over a mile with hitting each workout 3 times, but from the morning delay we finished up with one round of Mary.
-LBC (4ct) x10 -Starfish Crunch (4ct) x10 -Flutter Kicks (4ct) x10
Thats a wrap. Little reminder about the 2.0 workout on Saturday. SS.

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