January 7, 2023

Blackblast #57 - A Little More Running Than a Typical Less Workout

The Zoo
Big Money, Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, Snoop, Forrest, Venti, Gravy
I have the Q tomorrow morning at The Zoo. There will be more running than a typical Less workout but not to worry because I run slow. No coupons. Please HC below
-10 Count stretch to the toes, left over right, right over left -10 count calf stretch each leg -10 count standing groin stretch -motivators from eight to one with a burpee throw in at the end of each round
the thang
-The pax started off by running to the hidden hill and then ran up the hill and around the circle two different times with penalties of 10 Burpee’s for everyone if anyone stop to walk. After this the pax ran over to the tunnel hill and up the tunnel hill. They then ran back to the AO. During the entire time running they stopped several times to do exercises. The exercises were as follows: 1. 10 slow squats 2. 10 slow jump squats 3. 15 squats 4. 15 slow squats 5. 15 slow jump squats 6. 20 squats
-44 big boy sit-ups
The Q passed the HIM chain on to the much deserving Big Money who has been extremely committed to F3 Grand Rapids racking up nearly 100 posts in around a half year of being a part of F3. He is a constant positive force within the group. More or Less, Less

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