January 23, 2023

Blackblast #67 - They Call it a Triple Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Johnson Park
Gravy, Less, Hasselhoff, Deep Blue, Kettle Chips, Venti
Chubbs on the Q at Johnson Park. 0530, bring a coupon, we won’t be leaving the parking lot and all is modifiable. Get your week started the right way and HC!
Various stretching and a mosey down and back in the parking lot.
the thang
This is how the Exicon read... Sprint to the 25 yards and Do 25 merkins, Run backwards to the start and Sprint to the 50 and do 50 mountain climbers, backwards to start, sprint to the 75 and do 75 squats, run backwards to the start and sprint to the hundred and do 100 SSH. Add bricks for a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Rinse and repeat for a Double Quarter Pounder. Well the HIMS of F3 GR did a triple! First revolution each time they hit the start line they completed 25 coupon curls, second revolution was 25 OH presses and third time was 10 coupon swings. Exercise changes were: 25 Jump Squats, 50 Lunges, 75 Plank Jacks, 100 SSH. Then 25 American Hammers, 50 LBCs, 75 Leg Lifts and 100 Flutter Kicks which were moved to Mary
Time was short so we did 25 Flutters IC
Still time to read Freed to Lead for book club. It's all in the Hips! -Chubbs

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