Backblast #546 – Holland Week #1!

A beautiful fall day in Centennial Park to start a Holland workout!

Tell your friends, Holland AO – Centennial Park – F3 Grand Rapids

AO: Centennial Park

PAX: @Less (@dalewestrick), @Forest (@andrewstewart), @RedEye (FNG), (Q) @TheTulip

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cherry (aka Daisy) Pickers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Peter Parker Stretch

The Thang: Perils on a string, mossy through downtown Holland to Windows on the Waterfront Park (WoWF) with some workouts along the way

  • 10-20-30 Incline Merkin, Decline Merkin, Dips… mossy towards College street
  • 10-20-30 Box Jump, Step Up, High knees… to Pillar Church
  • Stairs work at pillar – bunny hop up, single leg hop both legs, repeato… mossy to 7th street parking garage
  • Wall sits and Balls-to-the-wall (hand stand against the wall)
  • Mossy to WoWF for Route 66 – 1 pushup at first light pole, then 2 at the second, up to 11.
  • Thors Hammers – Progressively adding in ratio 1 ww1 sit-up to 4 American hammers up to 5.
  • Mossy back to Centennial park for modified 7 of Diamonds (squats at every corner of the path)

Mary: LBCs, Brotractor, Freddy Mercury, Plank

Thanks for the opportunity. See you next week!