Backblast #163 - Simply Stairs

YHC made a bit of a gaffe early on in the week and responded to an email inquiring about workout locations while on a Monday flight home, and ended up giving a visiting pax the wrong AO location. This led us to ensure our website was fully current, and also led me to want to make it up to Othello by Q-ing an unscheduled workout at The Stairs.

Pax: Othello (F3 MECA), Lover Boy (F3 MECA), Radio, Snoop, Soft Spot, QIC - Bald Eagle.

The pre-blast was straightforward - we were going to be climbing our spectacular stairs 10 times for a total of 1450 steps. YHC under-promised and we ended up ascending the stairs 11 times (or 12 in some cases).


SSH - 25 IC
Windmills - 15 IC
Willy Mayes Hayes - 10x


Mosey to Stairs

Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base

T-Claps to Radio for pushing the pace and knocking out 12 trips up and down.

The average pace for the 11 trips was 2:42 per round trip, which was pretty solid for that duration. Before F3, 10 trips up & down in 30 minutes felt good, after a year we’ve bumped that to 11 trips up & down in 30 mins.

We gained 720 ft of elevation, and traveled just over 1 mile of distance while killing 500 calories.


  • Great to have Othello & Lover Boy in town from F3 MECA.

  • Othello reminded us to be mindful of the recent school shooting at UNCC, and to be on the lookout for people who may need help.

  • YHC & Radio have the Q tomorrow.

Backblast #142 - Double Helping of Paincakes

With some gaps in the Q sign-ups for April, including one for this workout, YHC and Mad Cow stepped up to deliver a double helping of paincakes to the pax. Even more, we planned it right in front of their computer-fatigued eyes and gave their phones so many Slack notifications that their cell phones must have felt like the slot machines our own BasicBro just tore up in Vegas. Despite seeing the looming pain plan, 13 pax posted.

Pax: Radio, Forrest, BasicBro, Stalin, Roid Rage, Snoop, Gravy, Kraut, Fresh Cream, Rehab, DM, QIC’s Mad Cow & YHC Bald Eagle.


(MC) Stretching - left, center, right (IC)
(BE) SSH - 25x (IC)
(MC) Mt. Climber w/Merkin (IC) - 20x
(BE) 5x SSH followed by 2x Burpee - 5x

The Thang

(MC) Alternative should taps to (BE) Dirty Hook-ups (IC) - 30x (BE & MC were each waiting on the other to wrap the exercise, so we offered the pax more value than anticipated)
(MC) Slow Squats (IC) - 10x
(BE) Moguls (IC) - 7x (counting of these is as exhausting as doing them)

Paula Abdul (2 pax at a time)
Run 2 landings up, 5 incline merkins on bar, run 1 landing back, 5 pull ups.
Run to stop sign when finished, plank til the 6 arrives.

Return to base of stairs, bunny hop each stair to top and sprint (on jello legs) to intersection. 


(MC) Howling Monkeys (IC) - 13x
(BE) Spider Crunches - 20x
(MC) Marionettes (OYO) - 10x
(BE) Boat Canoes - 13x


Good to see Stalin, DM, & BasicBro back in the saddle.
The 50 degree rain felt quite pleasant after the 3” mid-April (!!!) snow shower over the weekend.
Moguls are a challenge to count.
Co-Q’ing worked out well and could be used
Need more Q’s - let’s fill the schedule a month out.
Sign-up for the CSAUP Ruck on 4/27.
Anniversary party on 5/4 - beatdown in the am, Bald Eagle’s in the evening.

Bald Eagle Out

Backblast #138 - Movin' on Up

While YHC was licking his wounds from sliding back to a second place ($0 winnings vs. $550 win for 1st) finish in the F3 Naperville March Madness pool due to Virginia’s OT win, the pax gathered to #getafterit the stairs. Five trips up and down were promised, and as with any good transaction the Q over-delivered.

Weather 48 with a Feels Like temp of 39. Shorts Weather.

Pax: Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Snoop, Hasselhof, Radio, Rehab, QIC Bald Eagle

The pax started with 2 capri laps where we were able to scoop up Rehab & Snoop. From there we slid right into a 5 count Motivator, 16 Count Windmill, 10 Count Speed Skater, and 16 Arm-Raise Merkins.

We moseyed to the stairs and continued the warm-o-rama with a standard trip up and down.

The pax were then given a time hack of 10 minutes to complete as many trips up and down as possible. A few years back YHC remembered doing 10 trips in 30 minutes, so we set the bar at a minimum of 3 trips up and down. Roid Rage & Radio pushed each other to complete an impressive 5 trips up & down, and the rest of the pax were able to complete just about 4 trips up & down.

We then slowseyed over to the mural wall where we held a 1 minute wall sit to make the legs burn a little more, followed by 10 arm-raise merkins to ensure we did not leave the arms void of work. We slowseyed back over to the base of the stairs, and were given the instructions that the next trip up would be AYG for time. Two stopwatches started at the same time, one traveled up with the first pax up, the second released pax at 10 second intervals so we could gauge our times and push ourselves.

At the top of the hill we moseyed to the streetsign and then back down the stairs to the AO for 6 MoM, which included 10 arm-raise merkins, 20 LBC’s, and leg lifts twice around the circle. The pax finished with a relaxing and refreshing minute of shavasana prior to the CoT.

Stats: the heart rate monitor showed we spent:

9% in Warm-Up (106 HR)
34% in Fat Burn (119 HR)
15% in build fitness (136 HR)
34% in High Intensity (164 HR)
8% in Extreme (174 HR)


  • Embrace the Ruck event coming up on 4/27.

  • Anniversary on 5/4

  • YHC shared a few words from the book The Culture Code about the importance of creating a safe culture of belonging.

Bald Eagle Out

BackBlast #089 - Ice Ice Baby

Being in (8 degree) Columbus yesterday for work, YHC missed the memo that a small ice storm came through GR making an ice rink of any outdoor flat surface in the city that was not salted. As a hockey player being on ice is second nature, but shoes function a bit differently than skates do. We adapted as needed but were able to get a solid workout in.

Pax: Hasselhof, BasicBro, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, QIC Bald Eagle.

With ice present, YHC made a point to share the disclaimer even among the seasoned group of pax. A theme of the workout was 30 seconds - complete 30 seconds of an exercise and then recover while mosey-ing.


SSH - 30 Seconds (16x)
Overhead Claps - 30 Seconds
Bear Crawl - Approx. 30 Seconds
Wall Sit - 30 Seconds (with a 20 second delay in starting the clock)
Derkin Plank - 30 Seconds
Crawl Bear up Stairs - 5x
Mosey to Heated Stairs
Pike Planks - hold plank and slide feed forward on ice 20x, 15x
30 Second Stair Sprint up 2 Flights
Speed Skaters - 10x each leg
Derkins - 15x
Stair Suicides - Sprint up to first landing, return to starting point, 5 merkins, sprint to second landing…etc. through 8 landings.
Elevated Leg Lunges - 10x each leg
We then skated & slid over to a new 8 story parking ramp, passed the no trespassing sign, and sprinted to the top. We aimed for 30 seconds but the fastest pax clocked in at 42 seconds. Work to be done.
Mosey back to AO
Plank with Q’s choice of movements (right arm up, left arm up, arm & leg up, w/r/r)

While the workout was not a snotwoggler by any means, strong work was done, solid mumblechatter was spit, and no bones broken.


Snoop has the Q Thursday.

BackBlast #083 - Hill Sprints & Tree Carrying

On a fairly pleasant 30-ish degree morning, a record number of pax for F3GR, gathered eager to get after it. The ground was crunchy and frozen, but the pax did not remain cold for very long.

Pax: Snoop, Mad Cow, Kraut, Hasselhof, Bullwinkle, DM, Stalin, Roid Rage, Fresh Cream, Soft Spot (formerly Bubblegum), Forrest, Miss Daisy, Radio, Gravy, Little Brother, QIC Bald Eagle.


2x Capri Laps
15x - Imperial Walkers
15x - Dancing Hillbillies
Plank Position
10x Stalin Planks (upward dog) —> Tiny Tom Planks (downward dog)
10x Plank Jacks

The Thang

Four Corners - The pax separated into 4 groups of 4 at cones that had been placed approximately 25 yards apart. Corner #1 - 5 Burpees, Corner #2 - 10 Merkins, Corner #3 15x Squats, and Corner #4 - 20x Dead Bugs. Bear Crawl between cones.

Bataan Death March to Hill - 2 Lines, 5 merkins & sprint to front of line.

Hill Sprints - YHC separated the pax into 3 groups based on pace. The fastest group sprinted for 20 seconds up the hill and set a cone at the distance they could make it in 20 seconds. When they made it to the top, the second group started their sprint and set their 20 second distance. The third group followed suit after the second group reached the top. After the first group reached the top they moseyed back to the starting point and started the sprints again when the third group reached their distance. Each group completed 10x - 20 second hill sprints with 40 seconds of rest in between.

Instructions were then given to the pax to find a log in the woods on either side of the hill road, and carry these to the top. (2) 20’ long trees were found and the pax lifted them on their shoulders and delivered them back to the woods near the pavilion at the top of the hill.

The pax then moseyed to the top of the hill, and bear-crawled or crawl-beared down the stairs. The stairs had a slight build-up of snow & ice so some of the pax did modify and ended up sliding down a leaf filled trail, and moseyed back to the shovel flag.

Six (Good) Minutes of Mary

Hands of Time - Boat Canoes (each pax calls our boat (legs up) or canoe (6 inches))
10x - High Scissors
10x - Low Scissors
10x - High Slow Flutter Kicks
10x - Low Quick Flutter Kicks
Hold Plank -
- Extend Right Arm (10 count for each)
- Extend Left Arm
- Lift Right Leg
- Lift Left Leg
- Right Arm/Left Leg
- Left Arm/Right Leg
- All 4 Appendages off Ground


Q- Source – Disruption
Holiday Party Tonight
White Elephant Gift
Winter Coats/Apparel
Shared our “One Word” around the CoT

While sharing interesting facts about ourselves, it was discovered that Bubblegum has a soft spot on his head that never has healed, so he earned himself a name change to said Soft Spot.

BackBlast #066 - Big Ol' Birthday Beatdown

With 3 of our pax (Kraut, Radio, Bald Eagle) having birthdays within these two weeks, including YHC’s 36th tomorrow, and another pax (Roid Rage) celebrating tomorrow it was only appropriate to have a birthday cake themed beatdown.

The Pax: Bubblegum, Stalin, Miss Daisy, Kraut, Radio, Roid Rage, Mad Cow, BasicBro, Snoop, Hasselhof, Rehab, Forrest, Tiny Tommmato, QIC Bald Eagle

IR: Depends (calf) & Gravy (toe)

The temperature was a relatively balmy 32 degrees and the snow was coming down like Dippin’ Dots this am as YHC arrived at the AO. As YHC was layout out some solo cups to set the grid for the workout, the early arriving pax completed a capri lap to get the blood flowing.

At 0530 the pax were reminded of the core principles followed up by a mosey lap – which required a detour around snow that had been piled up on the track - it appears that our AO has become the dumping ground for the snow from nearby commercial parking lots. Great for king of the hill, a bit challenging for traversing quickly.


20 SSH (IC)
25 Imperial Walkers (IC)

The Thang:

YHC, having all of the best intentions, created a workout that ultimately would have led to the pax creating tracks in the snow that from the sky (or hospital nearby) would look like a rectangular cake cut into 36 pieces. In preparation, 4 Weinke’s were created out of foamcore, one for each group, with 9 exercises listed on them. The pax then separated into 4 groups – 2 groups of 3, and 2 groups of 4.

Instructions were given that each group was to start in its own corner, complete 9 reps of the 1st exercise, then run counterclockwise to the next corner, 9 more reps, then to the next corner, 9 reps, and then to the last corner, and 9 more reps. After each exercise, the group would then only go to the next closer cone on the longer stretches, thus adding vertical ‘cuts’ to the cake.

A twist was added that instead of doing the last set of reps, one pax would take the Weinke and catch up with the group ahead while they were finishing their last set and lead exercise #2. The purpose of this would be to give more pax experience leading exercises and change up the groups as well.

The first exercise was merkins, and the pax seemed to have it down, but on the exchange into the second workout, a complete Charlie Foxtrot ensued which humbled YHC and reminded him of the following adages:

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

On the bright side, the convenient part of CF’s is that typically everyone ends up together in the cluster, which made calling an audible easier. So instead of keeping the 4 groups separately, YHC decided that we would complete the remainder of the exercises as a large group – but still to have each workout set led by a different pax. T-Claps to Radio & Kraut who stepped up to lead numerous times throughout he workout.

The workout then proceeded much more smoothly with the 9 exercises being:

  1. Merkins 4x9

  2. Mountain Climbers 4x9

  3. Starfish 4x9

  4. LBC’s -> BBSU’s 4x9

  5. Starfish Crunches 4x9 (looked a hell of a lot like peter parkers)

  6. Groiners 4x9

  7. Jump Squats 4x9

  8. Dr. W’s 4x9 (smoked the pax)

  9. Flutter Kicks 0x9 (ran out of time)

After completing all of these workouts, the pax had 'cut’ the cake vertically (cuts being tracks in the snow), but not horizontally. Instructions were then given for the pax to mosey to the end line, form 3 lines, and run a Fire Drill – where at each cross path the pax would drop, roll, merkin, roll back, merkin, and then run to the next crossing where they would W/R/R and so on all the way down.

The pax had then completed the Big Ol’ Birthday Beatdown and had ‘cut the cake’ into 36 pieces. While this didn’t happen as originally planned (and it looked like the cake was cut with a chainsaw) the pax all broke a sweat despite having their sixes in the snow for a good portion of the workout, and heart rates were elevated.



  • Party @ Bald Eagle’s tomorrow night to celebrate Dec. Birthdays. All Pax, M’s, 2.0’s welcome!

  • Building a database, submit your info through a link on Slack.

  • Mad Cow has the Q Saturday.

  • TAP for injured Depends & Gravy



Despite the fact that the workout did not go as planned, it turned into both a solid beatdown, and a good reminder of a few lessons:

Keep things simple & consistent. A message I recently heard talked about how in our culture we often focus on the 1 sheep and forget that there are 99 other sheep doing what they should be doing. Consistency is frequently undervalued in our culture; we are often told that we are exceptional and worthy of being sought out. While this is true, there’s something to be said for showing up regularly and on time to put in work. In today’s workout I tried integrating a good beatdown, a unique theme (birthdays), a specific number (36), shared leadership (rolling Q’s), with a strange task (making what would look like a cake in the snow). It was way too much – especially with 0530 levels of brain function, 32F temps, and a compressed time period to get a solid beatdown (45 mins). Only after I called the audible and shifted course to bring everyone together and simplify the beatdown that things shifted to go much more smoothly.

Vulnerability in leadership is difficult, but essential in shifting from transactional leadership to relational leadership. We tend to like to be perceived as having everything together, but often we either don’t really have it all buttoned up, or we choose to stay in safe places (fartsacks, sad clown hangouts, etc.) to avoid risks and the potential to be exposed. As leaders in various aspects of life, we may be tempted to create space and distance from those who follow. This leadership posture is transactional only and lacks the potency of relational leadership. Relational leadership happens when a leader is confident in the vision/direction headed and is not afraid to take risks and be seen for who he is; this posture allows for mutual trust to be established with those following him. As this morning’s workout was headed into CF territory, I was grateful for the trust the pax had in me to guide it back on track, and also for their participatory leadership in making it the beatdown we were all looking for.

The last truth nugget is that the value of creating a growth mindset culture in your most concentric relationships cannot be understated. Do all you can to foster this today, and don’t be afraid to take that risk – especially when you have a strong community around you who has your back.

-Bald Eagle

Backblast #055 - Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Six months in, the men of F3 Grand Rapids have built a strong foundation here in Furniture City/Beer City USA – and we are just getting started. We have a solid core of pax and have received encouragement and assistance from pax near & far – Iverson & F3 Lake Effect, FIB, Butcher, Brutus, GOP, and Fountainhead & the Mustard Seeds to name just a few.

Warm-up: Beers (and waters) were ordered.

Pax: Hasselhof, Bubblegum, Roid Rage, Mad Cow, Depends, Splitter, Stalin, Belushi, BasicBro, QIC Bald Eagle

The pax gathered at Slows BBQ at a casual 1730, beverages of choice were had with plenty of mumblechatter as well. BasicBro and other pax have been traveling to other regions and reported back about how F3’s leadership structure has helped with growth and clarity in those cities. Having a few miles under our belt together, it was time to open the conversation about where we’ve been, where we want to go, and how we will get there.

Discussion was had about what growth will look like. More AO’s? More days of week? Different parts of town?

We determined that we are ready for a FOURTH DAY OF THE WEEK. Wednesdays will be a rotating Black Ops day where a different Q each week will identify a different potential AO and Q from there. The workouts will lean toward running & merkins, but as with all workouts the Q sets the agenda.

Discussion was also had around the question of ‘Why should we become a Region instead of a Mustard Seed?’ Becoming a Region will be very similar to being a Mustard Seed in many ways, except the more formal shared leadership structure will be in place to support growth, navigate ups & downs better, and support the larger number of pax & AO’s more effectively.



YHC Bald Eagle @paulknust is privileged to serve as the NANTAN for F3GR. After experiencing what F3 can do for a #SadClown while living in CLT for a couple years, he knew it needed to happen in GR. He started a couple of quasi-F3 type workouts, but none really stuck. After posting a few times earlier this year with F3 Lake Effect in Kalamazoo, he stenciled F3 Grand Rapids on the shovel flag and planted it in our fertile West Michigan soil.

Mad Cow @engelbartsII was on board with F3GR from the beginning. He was the first to respond to the Facebook announcement of the launch and has embodied leadership to the group. He is the WEASEL SHAKER responsible for ensuring everything happens as it should.

Another F3GR #originalredwood and an All-State half miler, Roid Rage @realjoeredford is our 1FQ MAGNET MAN responsible for ensuring Q’s are in place, supported and delivering strong beatdowns.

The never-shy BasicBro @jasonley stepped up to take on our 2FQ ELMERS’ GLUE MAN role and also lead the COMMZ efforts with support from Depends & Bubblegum.

It was reiterated that these leadership roles are primarily intended to ensure that the core principles of F3 are upheld, and that more focused effort can be put into each role than when one assumes all responsibilities. These leaders are not necessarily responsible for doing everything under their umbrellas but are responsible for ensuring it gets done well and consistently.

Every pax that posts possesses skills, interests, and abilities that enhance the group. We have therapists, pastors, graphics folks, printers, tourism ambassadors, healthcare professionals, students, non-profit directors, salespeople, manufacturing techs, project managers, and plenty of other skill sets in our group.

We’ve had 20 F3GR pax Q a workout and fully intend for that number to grow. We’ll fill more leadership roles as we continue to accelerate (Site AO’s, 3rd FQ, etc.), but we wanted to identify the pax who in large respect have already been stepping into these roles and delegate responsibility.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

The bar-b-cue was then delivered to the table and more solid 2F was had.

The pax wrapped the HDHH with a few answering the question YHC floated earlier in the day – ‘Who or what taught you how to be a man?’ The answers were varied and ranged from ‘my mother’ to ‘trial & error’ to ‘a father who survived polio and became a traveling evangelist.’

While the bbq was picked clean from the plates, plenty of meat was left on the bone with this question which we’ll look forward to digging into at a later date.

-Bald Eagle out 

Backblast #048 - Don't Drop the Ball

The leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping - November is now upon us and winter is creeping in.

The Pax: Dixie Chick (DR from Cherokee), Depends, Roid Rage, Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, Stalin, Dungeon Master, Gravy, QIC Bald Eagle.


20 SSH
15 Abe Vigoda’s
20 Side Shuffle Hops
Circle Merks - Pax Complete an exercise (listed below) while each pax rotate around the circle completing 5 merkins.
- Hold Squat
- High Knees
- Hold Plank


YHC brought an overinflated and slippery football to the beatdown, and gave the ground rule that pax could take no more than 10 strides with it before passing it to another pax, and if it hit the ground the group penalty was 5 burpees per drop. As if the slippery & overinflated ball wasn’t enough, the sun wasn’t scheduled up for another hour. Approximately 30 burpees were completed during the short mosey to the hidden stairs.

YHC had some twists planned for the stairs, but after seeing the condition of the stairs and level of darkness present, he audibled to a straight stair spring up the 100+ stairs.

After summitting the stairs, the pax dropped 3 more passes, 1 may or may not have been intentionally, to complete 15 more burpees prior to reaching the top of the hill.

At the top of the hill, instructions were given for the next exercise - the Heartbreaker 1, 2, 3 - an evil sister of Dora. The pax ran 100 yds down the hill, and back up 50 yards before shouting for their partner to begin running down the 100 yds, and back up the 50. Repeato until complete.

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBC’s

The pax planked at the bottom of the hill when completed.

What goes down must come up. The next exercise was 100 yard sprints up, followed by 50 yards moseys down and 10 merkins at that point. The pax completed this in 3 groups, each group beginning when the first group of pax made it to the peak of their sprint. The pax repeated this approximately 7 times en route to the peak of the hill.

For the mosey back to the flag, the ground rules for dropping the football were updated to include 5 extra Mary exercises of the Q’s choosing. The pax had 8 incompletes/drops on the way back, for an extra 40 penalty reps.

The pax arrived back at the flag to the sound of the ‘5 minute to Mass’ bell ringing at the church across the street - the perfect amount of time for some Mary. Dr. W’s were the first up - 8 reps followed by 5 reps. The pax then completed their 40 penalty LBC’s just in time for the 8 o’clock to chime.


  • Turkey Trot 5k coming up

  • Griffins Game - awaiting scheduling date

  • Q-sign-ups live for November

  • Thanks to Dixie Chick for joining us from F3 Cherokee

  • Vote on Tuesday - workout time will be 0515-0600

Bald Eagle out

BackBlast #41 - Miles & Smiles

After having a solid week of having 2 VQ’s step up to the plate, YHC Bald Eagle jumped back in the game to Q a Saturday morning.

Pax: Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, Bubblegum, Dungeon Master, Hasselhof, Depends, Basic Bro, QIC Bald Eagle.

The pre-blast indicated the name of the workout would be Miles & Smiles, although for many of us Clydesdales the smiles tend to come after the smiles. The pax gathered at 0700.


SSH - 25x
SSH - 25x
Plank Jacks - 25x
Mountain Climbers - 25x

The Thang:

Bataan Death March - 5 Merkins & Sprint to the front. Partner Exercise.

Headed off the ranch to Kent Trails. The pax paired up with a fellow pax who runs at roughly the same pace so no pax would be left behind. At each bench along the way, all pax completed 10 dips, 10 derkins, and 10 squats. We traveled to the old railroad bridge (roughly 2 miles away). While there, the pax completed 20 lunges across the bridge and bear crawled back.

After all the pax had met at the bridge, they turned and headed back toward the AO. We completed the last mile together at a conversational pace (for most of us) to give some space for mumblechatter. The pax arrived smiling at the shovel flag as the 0800 bell was ringing.

The pax traveled 4.5 miles and left ready to conquer the day.



  • Tclaps to Gravy for completing the Grand Rapids 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

  • Tclaps to both Roid Rage and Basic Bro for completing certification tests last week in the fields of drugs (pharmacy manufacturing) & alcohol (cicerone).

BackBlast 24 - Paincakes and Bacon


Summer camping in Michigan is as good as it gets, so a few weeks back we put on the schedule to have a post-workout breakfast cookout and where we could share some breakfast stouts. This did not disappoint, and will most likely happen again (hopefully soon).

Before the bacon hit the cast iron, we had business to attend to. With so many Q's stepping up recently, YHC Bald Eagle had to shake some rust off his counting skills - the pax may have even requested he show his kindergarten diploma at one point

The Pax: Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Radio, Betsy, Dungeon Master, Miss Daisy, BasicBro, Gravy, FNG Splitter, QIC Bald Eagle (formerly Ridgecrest)


15 SSH (In Cadence)
15 SSH (Silent Count, Stop at 15) 5 Burpee Penalty for group for not stopping properly.
15 Slow Deep Squats (In Cadence)
10 Annies (Each Arm)
24 Imperial Walker Squats


YHC arrived early and placed 5 cones (well, 4 cones and one tree) in a star shaped pattern.
The Pax partnered up at each cone/tree, and each one had a corresponding exercise:
Merkins / Squats / Burpees / Groiners / Inverted Holds/Merkins (legs up tree)

Round 1 - 30 seconds on, sprint to next, 10 second rest, exercise
Round 2  - 10 reps each exercise

Mosey to Hidden Hill

Paula Abduls - 100 yard sprints up, 50 yard mosey down, 10 derkins
W/R/R up the 3-4x, and then complete a sprint to the top of the hill.

Mosey to Stairs & Down

Bear Crawl Indian Run - last person Duckwalks to front of line while Pax continues to Bear Crawl.

Mosey to Shovel Flag

Ran out of time for 6 Minutes of Mary, so we wrapped with Alligator Merkins & Beach Crawlers - Bear Crawls brutal cousin.

From there, the grills were fired up, the CBS, Speedway Stout, and Bubbly were open, and a fantastic time of 2F was had by all.


- Welcome FNG Splitter - way to power through.
- Plenty of heads were turning with a group of dudes grilling bacon, pancakes, and eggs with beer bottles open at 8a, but we earned it.
- With options of CBS, Speedway Stout, Sticky Nuts, and Mimosas (among others) on the table, we definitely staked a strong claim toward our title of F3 Beer City. One pax even noted we had no beer under 9.7%.

Great work this am men - enjoy your weekend and SYITG Tuesday!

BackBlast 017 - Rolling with Merkins & Burpees


The Pax gathered on a picture perfect summer day. The core principles were recited, and the disclaimer was given to 11 PAX - SpongeBob (Q), Bald Eagle, Roid Rage, Dungeon Master, Basic Bro, Butcher, Stalin, Pac Man, Forrest and 2 FNGs. 


15 SSH
15 Windmills
50 yard jog

The Thang

At the Stairs, SpongeBob (Q) gave the PAX and the FNGs his usual and ever so awesome roll of the dice for count on Merkins at the bottom of the stairs and same count for Burpees at the top. (15 count was for Round 1)

After a 15 sec count to make sure we were all still standing, PAX was instructed to go down. 

At the bottom of stairs, men were told to do bear crawls to the shaded block on sidewalk and then come back with 10 inch worms with a merkin at bottom, once 10 merkins were done, they would jog, same would be done on the way back. 

After bear crawls and worms, another roll of dice was done to determine the count for Round 2. This time the men performed 14 merkins at the bottom of the stairs and then climbed the stairs and performed 14 burpees at the top, (Round 2 was done once Stalin performed 14 count to make sure all men were still standing and then went down)

At the bottom, Forrest had the honors of rolling the dice. Body squats followed by lunges was to be performed, the count was 18. Once both were performed, men we introduced to our fiend Paula Abdul (climb two flights up, one flight down, perform 5 merkins tooth fairly style + 5 dips). Performed until all men make it to the top. Once all men are at top, they were to perform another round of burps (18 count). With 18 count given to make sure all are standing tall after the beatdown from Paula Abdul, men were instructed to head back to AO, where Mary was waiting for them.  


Roll of dice was done to determine how many:
American Hammers & Bicycles (elbow to knee) and Holds would be done, with highest roll being used. 

Circle of Trust

- Next post for new AO on Thursdays at Hospital Hill


BackBlast 014 - "Death by Merkins & Dice"

Arriving to AO "the Stairs on Division" before sun started to peak out. 

Core principle recited. Disclaimer given to 4 PAX - MAD COW, Roid Rage, Dungeon Master and SpongeBob (QIC)


15 SSH
15 Windmills
High Knees for about 40-50 yards
Butt kickers back

The Thang

Unaware of what is awaiting the PAX, they were asked to mosey over to the Stairs and bring coupons with. 

At the Stairs, SpongeBob (Q) gave the PAX a nice surprise busting out dice. With coupons next to each men, they were to roll 4 dice and total number would be used to do Squats with coupons (they add value). After squats were preformed, the PAX moved up the stairs with coupons and were to do 10 (descending) for each section of stairs climbed until top is reached. At the top, another roll of dice was done to get a total for Aiken Legs all done with coupon (Squats, Merkins, Lunges each leg, jump overs). 

After a 20sec count to make sure we were all still standing, PAX was instructed to go down with coupons again. 

At the bottom of stairs, men were told to do 10 inch worms with a merkin at bottom going towards the shaded block on sidewalk, once 10 merkins were done, they would jog, same would be done on the way back. 

After worms, men were told that next climb would consist of 7 merkins being performed for each section of the stairs until reaching the top. Once at the top, PAX rolled dice to determine how many Coupon Blockies (Burpee with a Merkin + coupon) done. 


With coupon in hands, men were headed back to AO to get to Six Minutes of Mary.
Roll of dice was done to determine how many:
American Hammers & Bicycles (elbow to knee) would be done, with highest roll being used. 

Circle of Trust

- Next post for new AO on Thursdays at Hospital Hill

BackBlast 013 - Growing Pains V1

A beautiful June morning eventually greeted 8 eager PAX, including 1 FNG, as we arrived at the park adjacent to the zoo.  An odd feeling of gratefulness struck the Q as all of us beasts milled about so freely, in such close proximity to those animals behind the bars who are less fortunate than us.  The weather had been kind to us and along with the overcast sky a solid dusting of rain just prior to our arrival ensured we would be refreshed later in the morning.

The Core Principles of F3 were recited to 7 PAX (RidgeCrest, Mad Cow, SpongeBob, Pac-Man, Forest, Roid Rage, and Dungeon Master (VQ) , along with the usual disclaimer,  and we moseyed off to a gentle pasture to begin.


20 SSH
20 Heisman’s

A brief interruption ensued during our Heisman’s causing the Q to lose his count and muddy his composure, and yet the welcoming of an FNG is of far greater import than a precise count. Beside, we just added extra to make sure we didn’t short change anyone.

20 Puncher’s Spares (jab/jab/cross/cross)
50yd Sprint

The Thang

It has been written that if you train up a child in the way he should go, that he will not depart from it.  As such, I felt it imperative to take the PAX through several stages of development via specific exercises to ensure they went through each stage with maximum benefit .  Thus laying the foundation for healthy, productive, and free lives.


Newborn – As is true for the freshest of new hoomans, the PAX had to resort to simple exercises while on their bellies. 25 Superman Swims (arms and legs extended of the ground while on stomach, arms bought back in an arc to the sides with legs curled up to the lower back), 25 leg lifts, and 25 LBC’s with a coupon on the chest to ensure proper form and adequate resistance.  To simulate the reaching arms of a child for it’s mother, the PAX completed a modified coupon press x30 (Coupon press with significant pauses at half-mast and and inch above the chest).  The PAX echoed their approval of this new exercise via grunt and heavy breathing.

Infant – Learning to raise one’s self to greet the world is an important stage of development needed for stable functioning which the PAX learned via Planks (Progressive 60 count), Elbow planks (progressive 60 count), back planks (progressive 30 count), and 50 progressive count diamond merkins with alternating planks for “rest”.

Crawler – Mobility is a key to life and survival, and the PAX gleefully attacked the tasks at hand.  40yd inchworm w/ merkins, followed by 15 diamond merkins.   Turning back to our starting line a 40yd lunge course was begun, but completed entirely on the tip-toes to target those pesky muscles that never seem to get enough work. A quick mosey to the ropes north of our location afforded the chance to strengthen our crawling skills by working our way in a weaving pattern under the rope fence; 3 merkins were graciously granted for every accidental rope touch.

Learning to Stand – 20 Monkey Humpers in honor of our zoo compatriots,  25 squats with a coupon, 5 Chair squats with a coupon thrown in for extra value, and 10 pistol squats each leg to ensure adequate growth.

Learning to Run – 40yd high knees followed by 15 diamond merkins (at this point I really had to question some of the geometry knowledge of the PAX given the questionable condition of the diamonds, but that is a lesson for a different time). 40yd straight-leg/goose-step followed by 15 diamond merkins. 40 yd shuffle with the requisite 15 merkin capper, and finished by a 40yd shuttle accompanied by 15 of our good friends called diamond merkin.

With time quickly slipping away from us we skipped a few arm exercises (to the joy of many a PAX), and moseyed to the shovel flag for one last bit of fun.

Learning to Play – With Frisbee in hand the Q let loose a mighty toss and all PAX gave chance. Upon arrival at the disc, all PAX planked until the last of us arrived ensuring no man was left behind. Once all present, a synchronous 5 diamond merkins celebrated the capture of our prey… And then the Q promptly grabbed the disc and launched it again. 3 such cycles were completed (less than hoped for) when the church bell indicated we had learned enough for the day. One last toss brought us back to the shovel flag again.

Circle of Trust (For some odd reason completed while seated today)

FNG dubbed as Swayze to many cheers and celebratory hoots.


Radio interview for Ridgecrest today at 10am, arranged in part by Mad Cow

Mad Cow and SpongeBob regaled us with opportunities to participate in the state games regardless of our skill level.

SpongeBob promoted to Q-coordinator for the Stairs AO.


  • No merlot splashes at today’s adventure, something not true of our last zoo expedition.
  • Despite some missteps in counting and a mismanagement of time the PAX were quite gentle for my VQ. Much appreciated lads!
  • I’m fairly certain we left to many merkins out on the field. Oh well, there is always next time.

BackBlast 012 - "Feels Like the First Time"

As we arrived at our new Thursday AO ‘Hospital Hill’ the PAX quickly realized why the grass is so green. GRCC waters the field, via sprinkler system, prior to sunrise. No worries, we post outdoors, rain or shine (or sprinkler system), heat or cold.


Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 8 PAX including 1 FNG – Ridgecrest, SpongeBob, Radio, Candy Striper, Roid Rage, Dungeon Master, FNG Tiny Tom, MAD COW (QIC)


20 SSH (IC)
20 Cherry Pickers w/Back Claps (IC)
30 Merkins (IC)

The Thang

Catch Me if You Can - Two partners. Partner 1 performs 10 Merkins and then sprints to catch the Partner 2, who has been running backwards. Repeato until track lap is complete.

Dora 1-2-3 - Teams of 2 pax working together to reach cumulative exercise goals of 100, 200, and 300 reps. Pax 1 executes as many reps as possible while Pax 2 sprints 100 yards down and back. Flapjack until team goal is reached. Exercises are a top-to-bottom of body progression, i.e. 100 merkins per team (chest), 200 LBCs per team (core), 300 squats per team (legs).

Bridge over the Nest - Partner 1 starts bear crawling to the goal post while Partner 2 completes 10 squats, 10 merkins, and 10 LBCs. Partner 2 then runs to the goal post and then runs back to the bear crawling Partner 1. Partner 2 picks up with the bear crawl while Partner 1 runs to the start to complete the exercises, runs across to the other side, and runs back to Partner 2.
Repeato back and forth X 2.

As the PAX recovers from the cardio beatdown, MAD COW talked about your WHY. A story was told about Buster Douglas defeating Mike Tyson. Douglas’s WHY would prove larger than his DEFEAT. What’s your WHY and how can you use it to overcome your DEFEAT?

Six Minutes of Mary

Hit Potato - Pair up. Face each other. On your sixes and lock ankles. Starting man does a big boy sit up, tags partner who then does a big boy sit up. Performed until the Q is gassed and then add 20 more for good measure.

Duck Joustin' - Friendly combat between PAX in the duck walk position. Arms must remain crossing your chest. Bumping, nudging, rubbing and checking are highly encouraged. There is no biting, scratching, standing up or falling over or you are out. Kicking is actually allowed if you are possibly able to remain in the duck walk position on one leg. Last man to remain on his feet in the duck position is declared the winner.

Circle of Trust -

Count-o-Rama | Name-o-Rama



- Next post 0700 at John Ball Park. Dungeon Master on his VQ.
- Ridgecrest has another radio interview on Saturday at 10 AM.

The DORA 1-2-3 was brought to Grand Rapids by F3 FIB (Naperville) for the first post ever in the City of Grand Rapids. YHC had to walk for most of the running, modified the push-ups and had to apologize to F3 HollowPoint for a horrible performance. Proud to report that after about 13 posts (6 weeks), no modification was necessary…In fact, I felt great. This F3 stuff works!

What’s your WHY?


BackBlast 010 - The AM gloom - Getting s*#! done!

PAX: Roid Rage (Q), MAD COW, Forrest, Pac-Man, Belushi

Standard disclaimer and core principles. Shout out to Dungeon Master! Hopefully you feel better soon!


Roid Rage's Q dose of lexicon knowledge:

AM: The portion of the day between midnight and noon when most of what is going to get done does get done.

FUPA: The thickest area of a man's torso between his waistline and his chest

WHISKEY-DICKING: Tentative execution of a Task.

The Sacred Heart bell tower struck 0700 and it was time to start....The PAX started off with a simple "follow me" and commenced a Capri Lap around the AO to get the blood flowing. After the Capri Lap we went right into cadence with some Nancy Kerrigans, followed by some Sprinklers that were seemingly difficult for your trusted Q to get right, but we nailed it at the end. 

The Jump Squat Holds with an Al Gore (hold squat and pretend you're hugging a tree) ended up being just as brutal as the Wednesday morning at Stairway to Heaven. We started with 10 and worked our way down to 5 - we need to keep doing these and get all the way down to 1!!!


Round 1

Blockee//Coupon Burpee

-Merkin on the coupon
-Stand up
-Press coupon above your head
-Repeat 20X


-Standard pull up
-Lift legs 90 degrees or higher towards chest
-Lower legs
-Repeat 5X

Blockee/Coupon Burpee

-Merkin on the coupon
-Stand up
-Press coupon above your head
-Repeat 10X


-Standard pull up
-Lift legs 90 degrees or higher towards chest
-Lower legs
-Repeat 5X

The PAX then moseyed over to the pavilion and found a nice flat brick wall...

Round 2 - Dirty Hookup

-Plank position facing wall
-(1) Right arm raised and pressed to the wall
-(2) Left arm raised and pressed to the wall (now in horizontal plank)
-(3) Right hand back to ground
-(4) Left hand back to ground (full plank position)
-Repeat 20X

Mosey on over to a quiet little street within the park...

Round 3 - Ascending Curb Crawl

-Bear crawl (BC) across street
-1 Merkin
-BC back across street
-2 Merkin
-Don't stop and hit 10! (performed last 10 merkins together as PAX)

Pac Man with a 30 count for a quick rest...

Mosey over to the service drive with a solid curb...

Round 4 - Mike Tyson

-Plank position with feet against curb
-Contract legs for horizontal squat
-Extend legs and perform 1 merkin
-Return to full plank
-Repeat 10X

-Belushi led the mosey back to the flag...


We kicked off the 6MoM with 50X Freddie Mercury's (Bicycle sit ups), 10 second rest, 30X Freddie Mercury's, 10 second rest, 15X Freddie Mercury's, and a final 10 second rest. Straight into Hundreds - 100X 6 inch arm pulses, while on your 6 with legs straight out at a 45 degree angle - make sure the head and shoulders are off the pavement! Did an extra 20X together as a PAX. 


Our count-o-rama/name-o-rama verified that we had 5 PAX members for the day and talked about all of the stuff we have going on in our life - MAD COW's health checked out and it was great to have him back (thanks for grabbing the coupons and flag!). Forrest is going from second shift to first shift starting tomorrow - so there was a shout for him as well. We discussed the Merkin Challenge and then reminded everyone that we are now on a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule. 

We ended our CoT with a prayer around Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith - thanking the greater powers out there for the ability to dedicate ourselves to such a great cause and become better men.

Your dedicated Q,

Roid Rage

BackBlast 008 - The Murph

Spongebob suggested we do The Murph on Memorial Day, so with collective leadership we did. - Spongebob the idea, Radio the scoresheet, the pax agreeing on the partner format, and YHC facilitating, we made it happen.

The Pax: Spongebob, Radio, Hollow Point, MAD COW, Dungeon Master, Pac-Man, FNG Forrest, FNG Bobby Flay, Ridgecrest (QIC)

The pax chose to either partner up or complete The Murph solo, and got right after it.

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups (pyramid format)
200 Merkins
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

We all completed the work either on our own (t-claps SB, Radio, HP) or in pairs. Those of us in pairs tossed in some addition exercises at the end to ensure the day was started right. Pac-Man joined Radio for his final couple laps to ensure no man was left behind.


- Shifting to 3 days per week not this week, but next. Tuesdays - Stairs, Thursdays - Track on Hospital Hill, Saturdays - The Zoo
- MAD COW having a minor procedure done Wednesday.
- Continued chat and anticipation for #beercitybattle.
- Ridgecrest to have radio interview about F3 tomorrow.


BackBlast 007 - Hidden Treasure Hunt

Our original AO John Ball Park, home of our zoo, has already given us some good workouts, but it has plenty of unexplored terrain. The park has a funicular and a giant lock ness monster statue in its pond, but those were not on the agenda for today - there was other fun to be had.

Pax: MAD COW, Dungeon Master, Radio, Hollow Point, Stockton, Ridgecrest (QIC)


20 SSH
15 Arm Circles F/R
Slow Trunk Twists

The Thang:

The pax started off with an over/under Red Carpet Revenge to start the blood pumping. After that each pax grabbed a coupon (cinder block) and followed YHC to the Circle of Stumps (used by the Zoo School, and specifically noted as not a playground). Along the way the pax did 'the wave' by overhead pressing the coupons in a follow the leader manner.

While at the Circle of Stumps, the pax paired up and did a circuit that consisted of 30 seconds of each:

Round 1
2 Foot Stump Ups

Round 2
Right Foot Stump Ups
Abyss Merkins

Round 3
Left Foot Stump Ups
Coupon Press

The pax then continued at a slower than mosey pace with the coupon presses over to the hidden stairs. YHC explained the next exercise and the pax thought the 50 or so stairs they could see looked manageable, but as soon as they got to the top they realized that was a false summit, and  there were actually 125 steps in this gem at the park. The pax climbed these 3x each (Radio 4x) and at the bottom completed 15 dips, 15 merkins, while waiting for the other pax to join them.

Being at the zoo, it was only appropriate to finish up at the stairs with a Bearway to Heaven movement. We bear crawled up 30 or so stairs, and turned around and either sideways for front-ways bearcrawled back down. Bearcrawl summersaults down stairs are not advised...

After these were complete it was time to get back to the Shovel Flag. Having 6 coupons, the pax farmer carried them back as far as they could, and then a pax in waiting ran to catch up and carry them the next leg. This continued in leapfrog fashion until getting back to the flag.

The pax circled up with 2 minutes to spare, and held leg lifts until the bell tolled. 


Announcements - Ideas were kicked around for the #beercitybattle with Asheville. The pax are looking forward to that.

Murph on Monday.

Good work men!

BackBlast 003 - Twisted Deck of Cards

6 Pax, including 1 FNG and 1 long time no post showed for a twisted game of cards led by VQ Hollow Point.

Pax: Ridgecrest, MAD COW, Dungeon Master, Stockton, FNG - Belushi, QIC - Hollow Point.

Disclaimer & Core Principles were reviewed, and the deck of cards workout was introduced.

Each suit was associated with an exercise, and the number indicated how many reps needed to be completed, and aces and jokers added some extra fun.

Hearts: Merkins
Spades: Leg Lifts
Diamonds: Squats
Spades: Burpees

Aces triggered additional exercises: bear crawls, crab walks, and planks, and the first joker added 3 reps to the number of the card drawn.

Stockton had the magic touch and drew all four aces, but having a wrestling background he wasn't fazed by the additional exercises as he was able to bear crawl faster than some of us could run.

1 week into the new launch, and #F3GR has had 3 Q's and 12 named pax.

BackBlast 002 - Confucius Say

5/9/18 – Confucius Say

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

They say you will always remember your first…and my first VQ was no exception. I spent close to 1.5 hours researching exercises on to try and give the men at F3 Grand Rapids something to remember.

I could hardly sleep the night before and when the alarm went off at 4:15 AM, I jumped up and headed out the door. I wore my F3 MudGear Tac Hat (which is awesome by the way) with the Minivan Centurion patch because I was carpooling with F3 Dungeon Master.

Arrived at the AO ‘Stairway To Heaven’ to a beautiful gloom, 56F with no wind…As the men started to arrive, we were greeted by a FNG (Reba) who found the F3 Grand Rapids business card at the local coffee shop (conveniently left after a coffeteria – nice work F3 Ridgecrest).

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 5 PAX with FNG Radio to join us shortly following - total of 6 PAX] – Ridgecrest, SpongeBob, Dungeon Master, FNG Radio, FNG Reba, MAD COW (QIC)


20 SSH (IC) Need to work on my cadence because we did probably close to 100
20 Finkle Swings (IC)
20 Goofballs (IC)
Monkey Howlers (accurately named after 5 times around the circle)
1 Capri Lap Around AO

The Thangs

Mosey to Stairway of Heaven with a couple of coupons.

Bucket Brigade - One man on each stair shoulder-to-shoulder. Man on lowest stair passes coupon up to next man, who passes it along the line. Once you hand off object, run upstairs to end of the line to receive object again. Once at top of stairs:

3 X 10 merkins (IC)

Repeat Bucket Brigade back down the stairs. Bear Crawls

Everest -  Lunge up one step, perform 1 squat, lunge up with other leg, perform 1 squat, repeat to top. Once at top of stairs:

20 Peter Parkers (OYO)

Checked my watch ‘oh sh!t’…how time flies when you’re having fun. Mosey down the stairs. 

Paula Abdul meets the Tooth Fairy – 1 incline merkin (tooth fairy), 2 flights forward and 1 flight back. 2 incline merkins, 2 flights forward and 1 flight back…continue to the top of stairs.

Mother of Mary                                                  

Hands of Time - Heads in the center with legs out (as though forming a clock). Hands under your rear, count off until we hit 60. As we found out, a slow count tends to be more fun.

Circle of Trust

Count-o-Rama | Name-o-Rama

Prayers – MAD COW’s aunt is recovery from surgery, FNG Reba is preparing to pass his second-year medical exams, Dungeon Master’s asks for thoughts on his relative finding the right path forward.


0700 at John Ball Park – Hollow Point has the Q.


-          It was great to see two new FNG’s with FNG Reba finding information from a coffeteria.
-          F3 Little Brother was a HC and didn’t show. He'll get the appropriate harassment next time he posts.
-          On the way home in the Minivan Centurion, Dungeon Master (tired) looks to me and says he is still planning on lifting weights tonight. T-Claps
-          T-Claps to F3 SpongeBob who will be running in the 5/3 RiverBank Run this weekend.

Quotes to Ponder

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. - Confucius
It always seems impossible until it’s done. - Nelson Mandela

Like a fat kid in dodgeball, MAD COW out!

BackBlast 001 - Launch Day

Shovel Flag - F3GR

Five pax from F3 Lake Effect (our Mitten state brothers) rolled into the parking lot of the AO at 0645 on a picture perfect morning, eager to help us get off the ground. Six Grand Rapids area pax rolled in just before 0700 and just like that F3 has expanded its reach further, and a new shovel got its flag.

The dislcaimer was disclaimed, coupons were unloaded and share (appropriate for this very Dutch community), and a brief overview of what F3 is all about was given by YHC. 

Pax: Mad Cow, Hollow Point, Ping, FNG - Dungeon Master, Spongebob, Dig, Honey Bear, FNG - Pac-man, Ryder, Iverson, Ridgecrest - Q.


After requiring a demonstration of what a circle was (not an egg...a circle), the pax were introduced or reminded of cadence counting.

20 - SSH - IC
20 - Cherry Pickers w/Back Claps - IC
20 - Squats - IC

The Thang

The pax migrated over to the RED CARPET REVENGE, a series of roughly 25 posts with rope stretched between them as would be present in a movie premier.

- Squat under the rope, proceed forward to the next.
- Complete in reverse.
- Bear crawl, merkin, sideways roll, bear crawl forward to next. W/R/R through 15 posts.

The pax then grabbed the coupons (official F3 cinder blocks) and got in formation shoulder to shoulder with a few feet separating them. The first four pax carried two coupons each approximately 40 yards while the pax on the line completed a series of 10x Merkins, 10x Jump Squats, 10x Lunges, and held superman while waiting for the coupons to be brought back.

2x with coupons - 40 yards
2x sprint & jog back - 80 yards

After leaving the coupons by the shovel flag, the pax assumed a single file line and proceeded to complete the Bataan Death March to the Hidden Hill with the pax at the back of the pack completing 5 merkins before tagging the next guy and continuing to the front of the line.

A couple POAS were sprinkled in - 10x Carolina Dry Docks OYO and 15x Monkey Humpers demonstrated wonderfully by Ping who has remarkable hip dexterity of which he was quite proud.

The pax continued to Hidden Hill and eased their way in with a slow Bern-ie Sanders walk 50 yards up it to scope out the graffiti-ed indicators on the pavement. After returning to the base of the hill, the pax counted off schoolyard style and alternated:

50 Yard Sprint Uphill / 5 Merkins, hold plank
100 Yard Sprint Uphill / 10 Merkins, hold plank
150 Yard Sprint Uphill / 15 Derkins, hold plank

The pax then began the trek back to the shovel flag with a few Mary POAS thrown in along the way: 
20 Peter Parkers
20 Freddie Mercuries

Hearing the '5 minutes to mass' bell at the church nearby, the pax jailbreak sprinted back to the shovel flag where they wrapped up with 10x American Hammers and the Alphabet from their 6.

The pax then brought it in for the CoT capping a solid debut for F3GR


- T-claps to F3 Lake Effect and Iverson, Honey Bear, Dig, Ryder, and Ping for making the trek north to help us launch. We look forward to growing together under the Lake Effect umbrella
- Ping is an excellent Monkey Humper.
- Pac-man can run hills like none other - playing tag with him in a mountainous area would be invariably a losing endeavor.
- T-claps to the pax (including FIB) that have been a part of the pre-launch activities that helped us to launch with a 'salted tip-jar.'

Mad Cow has the Q this Wednesday - 0530 Stairway to Heaven, Belknap Stairs.

Launch day pax.

Launch day pax.