BackBlast #194 - Torpedo Tunnel of Love

With more pax stepping up to Q and a few work trips in June, it had been more than a month since YHC’s last Q. Eager to get back and lead the pax, YHC jumped on the first July Q and was energized and humbled to see 15 pax post.

The air was a warm and thick 77 degrees, with a summer thunderstorm looming.

Pax: Sex Panther, Roid Rage, Gravy, Kraut, Basic Bro, Snoop, Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, FNG (Pit Boss), Fresh Cream, Dapends, Forrest, Soft Spot, Little Brother, QIC Bald Eagle


SSH - IC - 15x
Windmills - IC - 15x
Arm Circles - IC - 10x / 10x
Deconstructed Cascading Circle Burp - 3x
- Elements of a burpee done progressively around the circle. i.e. Plank (person on right then planks, next person, and so on) next time around Groiner, then Bobby Hurley to Al Gore

The Thang

YHC made a couple of extra coupons - a slosh pipe (7’ long 4” PVC pipe filled partially with water), a torpedo (3’ long 4” PVC pipe filled with cement), and a cement bucket (bucket filled with the remainder of the concrete that didn’t fit in the PVC pipe). Started with an 80# bag, so the pipe probably weighed 30ish pounds and the bucket had to be closer to 50#. Upon request, Mad Cow brought (3) ~40 lb sand bags as well.

The pax grabbed the coupons and moseyed to the stairs. The first exercise was a bucket brigade of coupons up the stairs. It was as simple as it sounded - pass the coupon to the pax the next step up, run up to the end of the line, and repeat until the coupons were delivered to the top. Pax were also given the disclaimer that if either of the 2 pipes touched the ground it would be a 5 burpee penalty for all pax.

The next exercise was the Torpedo Tunnel of Love. Pax planked shoulder to shoulder and passed the weighted pipes underneath them (without the pipes touching the ground). After the pax passed both pipes he bear crawled to the head of the line. We did this from the top of the stairs to the first yield sign - approx. 200’ or so.

With 6 ground touches during the TToL, the pax owed 30 burpees. We completed 10 of them at the yield sign. To return to the top of the stairs, the pax started at the yield sign, stood shoulder to shoulder and passed the pipe using only 1 arm. After he passed both pipes, the pax sprinted to the end of the line and repeated the progress as the pipes came back to him.

At the top of the stairs, the pax were then introduced to the cardio portion of the workout:

Start at the bottom of the stairs with 5 burpees.
Run up the stairs - carrying a sandbag if desired.
Complete 10 Slosh Pipe Squats.
Complete 15 Overhead Presses with the Cement Pipe.
Complete 10 Farmer Rows with the Cement Filled Bucket.
Run to the yield sign and back.
Carry a sandbag down if there is one at the top of the stairs.

The pax all started at different points - most pax were able to complete just over 2 evolutions of this exercise.

The pax were then given instructions to mosey back to the AO with the coupons elevated above their heads. Coupons were rotated as necessary, and this was successfully completed.

At the AO, the pax had time for one Mary exercise - 15 Starfish Crunches IC.


Word for the Day: Life can be split into two halves - the first half involves building the “container.” This container is built with achieving, rule-following, and accomplishing. It provides the structure that contains the gift and mystery that we were each given to share with the world. The challenge we have as we think about the transition into the second half of life is to get past container building, and start sharing the gift that we have to offer the world. Often this is forced out of us through challenges we face that awaken our souls. Encouragement: continue building your container, but know that life is not about having the container - life is found when you empty the contents of who you were created to be with others.


  • Keep Hasselhof in TAP after he sliced part of his finger off with a hatchet.

  • Soft Spot tomorrow, Kraut Thursday @ 7a for a special 4th of July Q.

  • July 12 - Speciation, 2nd F hang time. Basic Bro will be Q-ing.

  • GROWRUCK is just over 2 months away.

Backblast #163 - Simply Stairs

YHC made a bit of a gaffe early on in the week and responded to an email inquiring about workout locations while on a Monday flight home, and ended up giving a visiting pax the wrong AO location. This led us to ensure our website was fully current, and also led me to want to make it up to Othello by Q-ing an unscheduled workout at The Stairs.

Pax: Othello (F3 MECA), Lover Boy (F3 MECA), Radio, Snoop, Soft Spot, QIC - Bald Eagle.

The pre-blast was straightforward - we were going to be climbing our spectacular stairs 10 times for a total of 1450 steps. YHC under-promised and we ended up ascending the stairs 11 times (or 12 in some cases).


SSH - 25 IC
Windmills - 15 IC
Willy Mayes Hayes - 10x


Mosey to Stairs

Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base
Climb 145 Stairs, Return to Base

T-Claps to Radio for pushing the pace and knocking out 12 trips up and down.

The average pace for the 11 trips was 2:42 per round trip, which was pretty solid for that duration. Before F3, 10 trips up & down in 30 minutes felt good, after a year we’ve bumped that to 11 trips up & down in 30 mins.

We gained 720 ft of elevation, and traveled just over 1 mile of distance while killing 500 calories.


  • Great to have Othello & Lover Boy in town from F3 MECA.

  • Othello reminded us to be mindful of the recent school shooting at UNCC, and to be on the lookout for people who may need help.

  • YHC & Radio have the Q tomorrow.

Backblast #142 - Double Helping of Paincakes

With some gaps in the Q sign-ups for April, including one for this workout, YHC and Mad Cow stepped up to deliver a double helping of paincakes to the pax. Even more, we planned it right in front of their computer-fatigued eyes and gave their phones so many Slack notifications that their cell phones must have felt like the slot machines our own BasicBro just tore up in Vegas. Despite seeing the looming pain plan, 13 pax posted.

Pax: Radio, Forrest, BasicBro, Stalin, Roid Rage, Snoop, Gravy, Kraut, Fresh Cream, Rehab, DM, QIC’s Mad Cow & YHC Bald Eagle.


(MC) Stretching - left, center, right (IC)
(BE) SSH - 25x (IC)
(MC) Mt. Climber w/Merkin (IC) - 20x
(BE) 5x SSH followed by 2x Burpee - 5x

The Thang

(MC) Alternative should taps to (BE) Dirty Hook-ups (IC) - 30x (BE & MC were each waiting on the other to wrap the exercise, so we offered the pax more value than anticipated)
(MC) Slow Squats (IC) - 10x
(BE) Moguls (IC) - 7x (counting of these is as exhausting as doing them)

Paula Abdul (2 pax at a time)
Run 2 landings up, 5 incline merkins on bar, run 1 landing back, 5 pull ups.
Run to stop sign when finished, plank til the 6 arrives.

Return to base of stairs, bunny hop each stair to top and sprint (on jello legs) to intersection. 


(MC) Howling Monkeys (IC) - 13x
(BE) Spider Crunches - 20x
(MC) Marionettes (OYO) - 10x
(BE) Boat Canoes - 13x


Good to see Stalin, DM, & BasicBro back in the saddle.
The 50 degree rain felt quite pleasant after the 3” mid-April (!!!) snow shower over the weekend.
Moguls are a challenge to count.
Co-Q’ing worked out well and could be used
Need more Q’s - let’s fill the schedule a month out.
Sign-up for the CSAUP Ruck on 4/27.
Anniversary party on 5/4 - beatdown in the am, Bald Eagle’s in the evening.

Bald Eagle Out

Backblast #138 - Movin' on Up

While YHC was licking his wounds from sliding back to a second place ($0 winnings vs. $550 win for 1st) finish in the F3 Naperville March Madness pool due to Virginia’s OT win, the pax gathered to #getafterit the stairs. Five trips up and down were promised, and as with any good transaction the Q over-delivered.

Weather 48 with a Feels Like temp of 39. Shorts Weather.

Pax: Mad Cow, Roid Rage, Snoop, Hasselhof, Radio, Rehab, QIC Bald Eagle

The pax started with 2 capri laps where we were able to scoop up Rehab & Snoop. From there we slid right into a 5 count Motivator, 16 Count Windmill, 10 Count Speed Skater, and 16 Arm-Raise Merkins.

We moseyed to the stairs and continued the warm-o-rama with a standard trip up and down.

The pax were then given a time hack of 10 minutes to complete as many trips up and down as possible. A few years back YHC remembered doing 10 trips in 30 minutes, so we set the bar at a minimum of 3 trips up and down. Roid Rage & Radio pushed each other to complete an impressive 5 trips up & down, and the rest of the pax were able to complete just about 4 trips up & down.

We then slowseyed over to the mural wall where we held a 1 minute wall sit to make the legs burn a little more, followed by 10 arm-raise merkins to ensure we did not leave the arms void of work. We slowseyed back over to the base of the stairs, and were given the instructions that the next trip up would be AYG for time. Two stopwatches started at the same time, one traveled up with the first pax up, the second released pax at 10 second intervals so we could gauge our times and push ourselves.

At the top of the hill we moseyed to the streetsign and then back down the stairs to the AO for 6 MoM, which included 10 arm-raise merkins, 20 LBC’s, and leg lifts twice around the circle. The pax finished with a relaxing and refreshing minute of shavasana prior to the CoT.

Stats: the heart rate monitor showed we spent:

9% in Warm-Up (106 HR)
34% in Fat Burn (119 HR)
15% in build fitness (136 HR)
34% in High Intensity (164 HR)
8% in Extreme (174 HR)


  • Embrace the Ruck event coming up on 4/27.

  • Anniversary on 5/4

  • YHC shared a few words from the book The Culture Code about the importance of creating a safe culture of belonging.

Bald Eagle Out

Backblast #031 - 9-11 Stair Climb

September 11 is one of the most galvanizing days in our contemporary history - a day that most remember exactly where they were when we heard that the first tower was hit, and many of us remember watching in disbelief as the second tower was hit - which caused us to realize this was more than an accident.

Today is a day to remember the courage of the men and women who rushed in to save the lives of people they had never met, a day to remember we have more in common than we have apart.

Pax: Miss Daisy, Roid Rage, Radio, Depends, Splitter, BasicBro, Mad Cow, Gravy, Stalin, Dungeon Master, Tiny Tom, Forrest, QIC Bald Eagle

The pax met at an early 0515 start time to ensure the majority of us could complete the challenge before 0615. The pax completed some OYO stretches prior to a couple of capri laps where we gathered one late arriving pax. YHC gave a couple quick truth nuggets - about stepping courageously toward challenges the way the first responders did 17 years ago, and also seeking the ideals that bring us together under our tent the way we did on September 12.

The pax then moseyed to the stairs and gathered 14 pebbles along the way. Depends joined us mid-way through the trek as he hit the wrong snooze button on his alarm.

The Thang:

13 trips up & down the steps was the goal, with a 14th trip carrying a 40 lb sandbag up the last 95 steps to round out the 1980 steps that were in the World Trade Center.

Many pax were able to complete the challenge, and those who were not quite able to within the time constraints surpassed their previous bests significantly. Stalin noted how when he first started coming to the workouts in June, he was barely able to make it up and down twice, and he knocked out 11 this morning. Props to Radio, Roid Rage, and Miss Daisy for pushing the pace!

The pax wobbled back across the street for some additional stretching and the CoT where we had one last reminder to live courageously.


  • Tiny Tom has the Q Thursday.

  • Mad Cow has Saturday.

  • Splitter has his VQ next Tuesday.

  • Convergence with F3 Lake Effect a week from Saturday.

  • Tiny Tom’s Oktoberfest on 9/29.

-Bald Eagle out.

Back Blast 021 - Coupon Climb

AO: The Stairs

Many early arrivals and much chatter this morning as we gathered together in the gloom. The Michigan summer is already starting to turn and the early morning hours are notably darker with each passing week. In all, 14 PAX joined the refinement this morning (2 FNG’s) and as the clock struck 05:30 we began the day’s merriment. Core Principles recited: disclaimer given; Men prepared for betterment.



Cherry Pickers w/ Back Claps (IC) x20

Abe Vigoda (IC) x20

Annie (Q 20 count each arm)

Finkle Swings (IC) x10 each leg

     It should be noted that the PAX’s attempt at Finkle Swings more closely resembled a group of intoxicated      Rockettes practicing for the first time than men executing an exercise.


The Thang

Part 1:

Suicides w/ Presses & Merkins

    We utilized the handy parking lines provided by the city to map out a suicide run course with three points in addition to baseline. We threw in 10 merkins at every stop and 15 coupon presses every time we returned to baseline. The PAX planked until all arrived back at home base.

Lunges w/ Coupons

    It was decided that this was our best option to make our way over to the stairs. Turns out it was the right decision.

Part 2:

A well rounded man is a healthy man. We’ve neglected our strength training a bit these past few weeks and we set about to rectify that here.  We embraced the stairs as we are accustomed but added a set of exercises on each of the 7 landings as we ascended.

Derkins - x15

Shoulder Press w/ Coupon - x30

Colt 45

Squats w/ Coupon - x45

Derkins - x15

Shoulder Press w/ Coupon - x30

Colt 45

Plank in anticipation of all PAX finishing once reaching the top.


Part 3:

The Top of the stairs yielded a quick set of 5 Double Merkin Blockees before a round of sequential LBC’s w/ Coupons.

YHC congratulated the PAX for making the effort and sacrifice to attend this morning’s adventure as we recovered, and encouraged them to make an additional sacrifice this week for another who crosses their path. Life is not just about personal betterment; it is also about giving and sacrificing for others.

We began down the steps ala Paula Abdul  (complete with 5 coupon curls and presses each time we touched a landing), but needed to augment halfway through to a straight descent with curls and presses on the landings due to the desire to honor the time of the PAX. 6:15 was upon us and a circle of trust was needed.




14 PAX completed the journey this Morning: SpongeBob, Tiny Tomato, Stalin, Road Rage, Bald Eagle, Ms. Daisy, DM (Q), Mad Cow, Brutus (his last day on loan from NC), Cartel, Radio, Basic Bro, and 2 FNG’s (Gravy and Betsy).

F2 this week -- Bosnia Express for HH

Possible Scouting Workout for a potential Winter AO on Friday at parking garage on Seward.

BackBlast 017 - Rolling with Merkins & Burpees


The Pax gathered on a picture perfect summer day. The core principles were recited, and the disclaimer was given to 11 PAX - SpongeBob (Q), Bald Eagle, Roid Rage, Dungeon Master, Basic Bro, Butcher, Stalin, Pac Man, Forrest and 2 FNGs. 


15 SSH
15 Windmills
50 yard jog

The Thang

At the Stairs, SpongeBob (Q) gave the PAX and the FNGs his usual and ever so awesome roll of the dice for count on Merkins at the bottom of the stairs and same count for Burpees at the top. (15 count was for Round 1)

After a 15 sec count to make sure we were all still standing, PAX was instructed to go down. 

At the bottom of stairs, men were told to do bear crawls to the shaded block on sidewalk and then come back with 10 inch worms with a merkin at bottom, once 10 merkins were done, they would jog, same would be done on the way back. 

After bear crawls and worms, another roll of dice was done to determine the count for Round 2. This time the men performed 14 merkins at the bottom of the stairs and then climbed the stairs and performed 14 burpees at the top, (Round 2 was done once Stalin performed 14 count to make sure all men were still standing and then went down)

At the bottom, Forrest had the honors of rolling the dice. Body squats followed by lunges was to be performed, the count was 18. Once both were performed, men we introduced to our fiend Paula Abdul (climb two flights up, one flight down, perform 5 merkins tooth fairly style + 5 dips). Performed until all men make it to the top. Once all men are at top, they were to perform another round of burps (18 count). With 18 count given to make sure all are standing tall after the beatdown from Paula Abdul, men were instructed to head back to AO, where Mary was waiting for them.  


Roll of dice was done to determine how many:
American Hammers & Bicycles (elbow to knee) and Holds would be done, with highest roll being used. 

Circle of Trust

- Next post for new AO on Thursdays at Hospital Hill


BackBlast 014 - "Death by Merkins & Dice"

Arriving to AO "the Stairs on Division" before sun started to peak out. 

Core principle recited. Disclaimer given to 4 PAX - MAD COW, Roid Rage, Dungeon Master and SpongeBob (QIC)


15 SSH
15 Windmills
High Knees for about 40-50 yards
Butt kickers back

The Thang

Unaware of what is awaiting the PAX, they were asked to mosey over to the Stairs and bring coupons with. 

At the Stairs, SpongeBob (Q) gave the PAX a nice surprise busting out dice. With coupons next to each men, they were to roll 4 dice and total number would be used to do Squats with coupons (they add value). After squats were preformed, the PAX moved up the stairs with coupons and were to do 10 (descending) for each section of stairs climbed until top is reached. At the top, another roll of dice was done to get a total for Aiken Legs all done with coupon (Squats, Merkins, Lunges each leg, jump overs). 

After a 20sec count to make sure we were all still standing, PAX was instructed to go down with coupons again. 

At the bottom of stairs, men were told to do 10 inch worms with a merkin at bottom going towards the shaded block on sidewalk, once 10 merkins were done, they would jog, same would be done on the way back. 

After worms, men were told that next climb would consist of 7 merkins being performed for each section of the stairs until reaching the top. Once at the top, PAX rolled dice to determine how many Coupon Blockies (Burpee with a Merkin + coupon) done. 


With coupon in hands, men were headed back to AO to get to Six Minutes of Mary.
Roll of dice was done to determine how many:
American Hammers & Bicycles (elbow to knee) would be done, with highest roll being used. 

Circle of Trust

- Next post for new AO on Thursdays at Hospital Hill

BackBlast 009 - One Step Back, Two Steps Forward! 

PAX: Roid Rage (VQ), Ridgecrest, SpongeBob, Dungeon Master, and Forrest


For this warm-o-rama, I decided to shed some F3 lexicon knowledge on the group before we really got into it. As most of us are relatively new, and the lexicon is massive, I thought it would be a good idea to start learning!

CLUSTERQ: An abomination of a Q that elevates the self-confidence of all other PAX in attendance, thereby convincing PAX on the fence that they couldn’t possibly do worse than THAT guy, leading to an influx in Q signups.

DAILY RED PILL: The Q’s daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Abbr: DRP.


Some laughing from these lexicon terms, but the laughing was about to stop. We started off with 2 Capri Laps around the AO to get the lungs and legs acclimated to the temperature and humidity, followed by some solid Nancy Kerrigans in cadence to ensure we we had it together with regards to our mentality, balance, and shoulders...

The Jump Squat Holds with an Al Gore (hold squat and pretend you're hugging a tree) ended up being quite a brutal warm-up and most of the PAX was having a hard time getting off the ground towards the end; however, it wasn't about to get any better, as it was time to grab the coupons and run em up the hill! After we dropped them off at the top of the stairway to heaven, the PAX moseyed back down to the base to start the thang...


Round 1 - Paula Abdul

-Run 2 Staircases Up
-Run 1 Staircase Down
-5 Merkins
-Repeat until you get to the top
-60 second plank
-Cheer for your brothers!

Round 2 - Blockee/Coupon Burpee (ahh remember those coupons you brought up?!) 

-Merkin on the coupon
-Stand up
-Press coupon above your head
-Repeat 20X

Round 3 - Blocktanamo 

-PAX circles up with coupon
-All PAX holds the coupon straight out in front of them
-One pax member runs around in a circle, pushing down on the other PAX member's coupons!
-Next PAX member repeats until all PAX members have gone around

Round 4 - Ascending Curb Crawl

-PAX bear crawls across a quiet street
-Perform 1 Derkin (decline merkin)
-Bear crawls back across
-Perform 2 Derkins
-W/R/R, bear crawling, until you hit 10 Merkins

At this point, the entire PAX was dripping and the street was visibly wet from all our sweat....that only meant one thing. Time to carry those coupons all the way back down to RidgeCrest's truck and get ready for the 6MoM! 


We kicked off a quick 6MoM with 50X Freddie Mercury's (Bicycle sit ups) straight into Hundreds - 100X 6 inch arm pulses, while on your 6 with legs straight out at a 45 degree angle - make sure the head and shoulders are off the pavement! 


Our count-o-rama verified that we had 5 PAX members for the day and talked about all of the stuff we have going on in our life - it's impressive this group of men has the kind of drive we have with everything going on. Makes me feel super proud to be part of such a great group! Then we jumped into some quick announcements from RidgeCrest. The main takeaway announcement was that we are going to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting next week, so don't forget! I know he had other announcements, but I was getting mentally ready to offer a little prayer.

We ended our CoT with a prayer around Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith - thanking the greater powers out there for the ability to dedicate ourselves to such a great cause and become better men.

Your dedicated VQ,

Roid Rage

BackBlast 002 - Confucius Say

5/9/18 – Confucius Say

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

They say you will always remember your first…and my first VQ was no exception. I spent close to 1.5 hours researching exercises on to try and give the men at F3 Grand Rapids something to remember.

I could hardly sleep the night before and when the alarm went off at 4:15 AM, I jumped up and headed out the door. I wore my F3 MudGear Tac Hat (which is awesome by the way) with the Minivan Centurion patch because I was carpooling with F3 Dungeon Master.

Arrived at the AO ‘Stairway To Heaven’ to a beautiful gloom, 56F with no wind…As the men started to arrive, we were greeted by a FNG (Reba) who found the F3 Grand Rapids business card at the local coffee shop (conveniently left after a coffeteria – nice work F3 Ridgecrest).

[0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 5 PAX with FNG Radio to join us shortly following - total of 6 PAX] – Ridgecrest, SpongeBob, Dungeon Master, FNG Radio, FNG Reba, MAD COW (QIC)


20 SSH (IC) Need to work on my cadence because we did probably close to 100
20 Finkle Swings (IC)
20 Goofballs (IC)
Monkey Howlers (accurately named after 5 times around the circle)
1 Capri Lap Around AO

The Thangs

Mosey to Stairway of Heaven with a couple of coupons.

Bucket Brigade - One man on each stair shoulder-to-shoulder. Man on lowest stair passes coupon up to next man, who passes it along the line. Once you hand off object, run upstairs to end of the line to receive object again. Once at top of stairs:

3 X 10 merkins (IC)

Repeat Bucket Brigade back down the stairs. Bear Crawls

Everest -  Lunge up one step, perform 1 squat, lunge up with other leg, perform 1 squat, repeat to top. Once at top of stairs:

20 Peter Parkers (OYO)

Checked my watch ‘oh sh!t’…how time flies when you’re having fun. Mosey down the stairs. 

Paula Abdul meets the Tooth Fairy – 1 incline merkin (tooth fairy), 2 flights forward and 1 flight back. 2 incline merkins, 2 flights forward and 1 flight back…continue to the top of stairs.

Mother of Mary                                                  

Hands of Time - Heads in the center with legs out (as though forming a clock). Hands under your rear, count off until we hit 60. As we found out, a slow count tends to be more fun.

Circle of Trust

Count-o-Rama | Name-o-Rama

Prayers – MAD COW’s aunt is recovery from surgery, FNG Reba is preparing to pass his second-year medical exams, Dungeon Master’s asks for thoughts on his relative finding the right path forward.


0700 at John Ball Park – Hollow Point has the Q.


-          It was great to see two new FNG’s with FNG Reba finding information from a coffeteria.
-          F3 Little Brother was a HC and didn’t show. He'll get the appropriate harassment next time he posts.
-          On the way home in the Minivan Centurion, Dungeon Master (tired) looks to me and says he is still planning on lifting weights tonight. T-Claps
-          T-Claps to F3 SpongeBob who will be running in the 5/3 RiverBank Run this weekend.

Quotes to Ponder

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. - Confucius
It always seems impossible until it’s done. - Nelson Mandela

Like a fat kid in dodgeball, MAD COW out!

4.25.18 BackBlast - Stairway to Heaven

Four Pax including one FNG put some solid #legday work in ahead of the official F3 Grand Rapids launch. Some of this #foundation work has involved scouting out AO's and Stairway to Heaven is a good one that offers plenty of pain in each of its 148 steps.

Pax: Q: Ridgecrest, Roid Rage, MAD COW, and FNG Spongebob.


20 SSH
20 Abe Vigodas
20 Cherry Picker Back Claps
And some high knees and butt kicks to get the blood flowing.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Stairway to Heaven

Stair Climb - 148 steps
35 Mountain Climbers
7 Leaning Pull-ups & 7 Leaning Merkins
Fairy Skips ~ 25 Yards

Stair Climb - 148 steps
3 x10 Merkins
6 Leaning Pull-ups & 6 Leaning Merkins
Bear Crawls

Stair Climb - 148 steps
30 Plank Stars
5 Leaning Pull-ups & 5 Leaning Merkins

Stair Climb - 148 steps
20 Mountain Climbers
4 Leaning Pull-ups & 4 Leaning Merkins
Bobby Hurleys

Stair Climb - 148 steps
15 Merkins
3 Leaning Pull-ups & 3 Leaning Merkins
Sprint to Finish


All told, the pax traversed 1.2 miles and 45 flights of stairs with a pleasant amount of pain sprinkled in. With the official launch just 10 days away, a good foundation has been laid. F3GR has received tremendous support from F3 Lake Effect and also F3 Naperville, and has 5 GR pax with F3 names heading into blast-off. Spread the word!