Backblast #182 - OTB Hill Run

Having spent a week in Chicago at the NeoCon furniture show, YHC needed to get back on the wagon so I scheduled a black-ops workout for Friday morning.

Pax: SoftSpot, QIC Bald Eagle


20 SSH

The Thang

2.3 mile run with a 200 ft elevation gain.
15x/10x/5x dips, merkins, squats
Grip Hangs

Short. Sweet. Simple - Exercise Ring Closed

Backblast #117 - Calorie Neutral Fat Tuesday

With a Queen (diet) challenge starting tomorrow, 8 pax earned their Paczki (pronounced pounch-key) after a solid Mardi Gras beatdown.

Pax: Depends, Tiny Tommmato, Roid Rage, Forrest, Gravy, Soft Spot, Snoop, QIC Bald Eagle

With ice on The Stairs and negative wind chills, we shifted the workout to The Bunker. The pax gathered and we immediately moseyed to the lowest level of the parking garage.


25x SSH
15x Imperial Walkers
15x Mountain Man Poopers
10x Imperial Walker Squats


RE-MIX DMC - Partner based. 1 partner duckwalked to the 2nd column (approx. 40 feet), then crawl-beared back 1 column, then duckwalked 2, and crawl-beared back 1 and so on while the other partner ran to the end of the parking ramp (approx. 80-100 yards) and ran back to trade-off with partner and continue the progress. Instead of just a normal handoff, 5 squats, completed back to back, were required at each handoff. The pax continued with this exercise until they made it all the way to the other end of the garage.

RETURN DMC - We used a similar format coming back, except the exercises were: forward lunge - 2 column lengths, backward lunge for 1 column length and so on. The running partner ran forward down, and backwards back, and instead of back-to-back squats at the handoffs, Bropees were completed at each exchange - 5x, 5x, then 3x, 3x, then 1x, 1x. Due to time constraints, we only went half way down the length of the garage.

The pax then moseyed up 1 level for a wall workout.

15x OYO Donkey Kicks
15x OYO Groiners
10x OYO Chicken Peckers
10x OYO Diver Bombers

After that the pax crawl-beared (modifier bear crawls) up to the top level of the ramp to wrap the workout with 10x Dr. W’s.

Immediately after the #dietstartstomorrow (for real) announcement was given, a Paczki was hypocritically given to all posting pax to celebrate Fat Tuesday. According to my watch, the calories burned during the workout were roughly equal to those in the delicious jelly filled cake donuts - a vivid reminder heading into our Lenten Queen challenge of how easy calories go in and how much work it takes to knock em out.


  • Lenten Queen Challenge starts tomorrow. See Slack for more info.

  • 5:30 pm Workout at Founders tomorrow (Wednesday).

  • Hasselhof will Q a Black Ops workout Wedesday morning as well for those who can’t make the evening workout.

  • Mad Cow has started a Sunday night ruck with M’s. The location will rotate.

-Bald Eagle Out.

BackBlast #089 - Ice Ice Baby

Being in (8 degree) Columbus yesterday for work, YHC missed the memo that a small ice storm came through GR making an ice rink of any outdoor flat surface in the city that was not salted. As a hockey player being on ice is second nature, but shoes function a bit differently than skates do. We adapted as needed but were able to get a solid workout in.

Pax: Hasselhof, BasicBro, Mad Cow, Roid Rage, QIC Bald Eagle.

With ice present, YHC made a point to share the disclaimer even among the seasoned group of pax. A theme of the workout was 30 seconds - complete 30 seconds of an exercise and then recover while mosey-ing.


SSH - 30 Seconds (16x)
Overhead Claps - 30 Seconds
Bear Crawl - Approx. 30 Seconds
Wall Sit - 30 Seconds (with a 20 second delay in starting the clock)
Derkin Plank - 30 Seconds
Crawl Bear up Stairs - 5x
Mosey to Heated Stairs
Pike Planks - hold plank and slide feed forward on ice 20x, 15x
30 Second Stair Sprint up 2 Flights
Speed Skaters - 10x each leg
Derkins - 15x
Stair Suicides - Sprint up to first landing, return to starting point, 5 merkins, sprint to second landing…etc. through 8 landings.
Elevated Leg Lunges - 10x each leg
We then skated & slid over to a new 8 story parking ramp, passed the no trespassing sign, and sprinted to the top. We aimed for 30 seconds but the fastest pax clocked in at 42 seconds. Work to be done.
Mosey back to AO
Plank with Q’s choice of movements (right arm up, left arm up, arm & leg up, w/r/r)

While the workout was not a snotwoggler by any means, strong work was done, solid mumblechatter was spit, and no bones broken.


Snoop has the Q Thursday.