BackBlast #083 - Hill Sprints & Tree Carrying

On a fairly pleasant 30-ish degree morning, a record number of pax for F3GR, gathered eager to get after it. The ground was crunchy and frozen, but the pax did not remain cold for very long.

Pax: Snoop, Mad Cow, Kraut, Hasselhof, Bullwinkle, DM, Stalin, Roid Rage, Fresh Cream, Soft Spot (formerly Bubblegum), Forrest, Miss Daisy, Radio, Gravy, Little Brother, QIC Bald Eagle.


2x Capri Laps
15x - Imperial Walkers
15x - Dancing Hillbillies
Plank Position
10x Stalin Planks (upward dog) —> Tiny Tom Planks (downward dog)
10x Plank Jacks

The Thang

Four Corners - The pax separated into 4 groups of 4 at cones that had been placed approximately 25 yards apart. Corner #1 - 5 Burpees, Corner #2 - 10 Merkins, Corner #3 15x Squats, and Corner #4 - 20x Dead Bugs. Bear Crawl between cones.

Bataan Death March to Hill - 2 Lines, 5 merkins & sprint to front of line.

Hill Sprints - YHC separated the pax into 3 groups based on pace. The fastest group sprinted for 20 seconds up the hill and set a cone at the distance they could make it in 20 seconds. When they made it to the top, the second group started their sprint and set their 20 second distance. The third group followed suit after the second group reached the top. After the first group reached the top they moseyed back to the starting point and started the sprints again when the third group reached their distance. Each group completed 10x - 20 second hill sprints with 40 seconds of rest in between.

Instructions were then given to the pax to find a log in the woods on either side of the hill road, and carry these to the top. (2) 20’ long trees were found and the pax lifted them on their shoulders and delivered them back to the woods near the pavilion at the top of the hill.

The pax then moseyed to the top of the hill, and bear-crawled or crawl-beared down the stairs. The stairs had a slight build-up of snow & ice so some of the pax did modify and ended up sliding down a leaf filled trail, and moseyed back to the shovel flag.

Six (Good) Minutes of Mary

Hands of Time - Boat Canoes (each pax calls our boat (legs up) or canoe (6 inches))
10x - High Scissors
10x - Low Scissors
10x - High Slow Flutter Kicks
10x - Low Quick Flutter Kicks
Hold Plank -
- Extend Right Arm (10 count for each)
- Extend Left Arm
- Lift Right Leg
- Lift Left Leg
- Right Arm/Left Leg
- Left Arm/Right Leg
- All 4 Appendages off Ground


Q- Source – Disruption
Holiday Party Tonight
White Elephant Gift
Winter Coats/Apparel
Shared our “One Word” around the CoT

While sharing interesting facts about ourselves, it was discovered that Bubblegum has a soft spot on his head that never has healed, so he earned himself a name change to said Soft Spot.

Backblast #048 - Don't Drop the Ball

The leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping - November is now upon us and winter is creeping in.

The Pax: Dixie Chick (DR from Cherokee), Depends, Roid Rage, Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, Stalin, Dungeon Master, Gravy, QIC Bald Eagle.


20 SSH
15 Abe Vigoda’s
20 Side Shuffle Hops
Circle Merks - Pax Complete an exercise (listed below) while each pax rotate around the circle completing 5 merkins.
- Hold Squat
- High Knees
- Hold Plank


YHC brought an overinflated and slippery football to the beatdown, and gave the ground rule that pax could take no more than 10 strides with it before passing it to another pax, and if it hit the ground the group penalty was 5 burpees per drop. As if the slippery & overinflated ball wasn’t enough, the sun wasn’t scheduled up for another hour. Approximately 30 burpees were completed during the short mosey to the hidden stairs.

YHC had some twists planned for the stairs, but after seeing the condition of the stairs and level of darkness present, he audibled to a straight stair spring up the 100+ stairs.

After summitting the stairs, the pax dropped 3 more passes, 1 may or may not have been intentionally, to complete 15 more burpees prior to reaching the top of the hill.

At the top of the hill, instructions were given for the next exercise - the Heartbreaker 1, 2, 3 - an evil sister of Dora. The pax ran 100 yds down the hill, and back up 50 yards before shouting for their partner to begin running down the 100 yds, and back up the 50. Repeato until complete.

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBC’s

The pax planked at the bottom of the hill when completed.

What goes down must come up. The next exercise was 100 yard sprints up, followed by 50 yards moseys down and 10 merkins at that point. The pax completed this in 3 groups, each group beginning when the first group of pax made it to the peak of their sprint. The pax repeated this approximately 7 times en route to the peak of the hill.

For the mosey back to the flag, the ground rules for dropping the football were updated to include 5 extra Mary exercises of the Q’s choosing. The pax had 8 incompletes/drops on the way back, for an extra 40 penalty reps.

The pax arrived back at the flag to the sound of the ‘5 minute to Mass’ bell ringing at the church across the street - the perfect amount of time for some Mary. Dr. W’s were the first up - 8 reps followed by 5 reps. The pax then completed their 40 penalty LBC’s just in time for the 8 o’clock to chime.


  • Turkey Trot 5k coming up

  • Griffins Game - awaiting scheduling date

  • Q-sign-ups live for November

  • Thanks to Dixie Chick for joining us from F3 Cherokee

  • Vote on Tuesday - workout time will be 0515-0600

Bald Eagle out

BackBlast #41 - Miles & Smiles

After having a solid week of having 2 VQ’s step up to the plate, YHC Bald Eagle jumped back in the game to Q a Saturday morning.

Pax: Mad Cow, Miss Daisy, Bubblegum, Dungeon Master, Hasselhof, Depends, Basic Bro, QIC Bald Eagle.

The pre-blast indicated the name of the workout would be Miles & Smiles, although for many of us Clydesdales the smiles tend to come after the smiles. The pax gathered at 0700.


SSH - 25x
SSH - 25x
Plank Jacks - 25x
Mountain Climbers - 25x

The Thang:

Bataan Death March - 5 Merkins & Sprint to the front. Partner Exercise.

Headed off the ranch to Kent Trails. The pax paired up with a fellow pax who runs at roughly the same pace so no pax would be left behind. At each bench along the way, all pax completed 10 dips, 10 derkins, and 10 squats. We traveled to the old railroad bridge (roughly 2 miles away). While there, the pax completed 20 lunges across the bridge and bear crawled back.

After all the pax had met at the bridge, they turned and headed back toward the AO. We completed the last mile together at a conversational pace (for most of us) to give some space for mumblechatter. The pax arrived smiling at the shovel flag as the 0800 bell was ringing.

The pax traveled 4.5 miles and left ready to conquer the day.



  • Tclaps to Gravy for completing the Grand Rapids 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

  • Tclaps to both Roid Rage and Basic Bro for completing certification tests last week in the fields of drugs (pharmacy manufacturing) & alcohol (cicerone).

BackBlast 010 - The AM gloom - Getting s*#! done!

PAX: Roid Rage (Q), MAD COW, Forrest, Pac-Man, Belushi

Standard disclaimer and core principles. Shout out to Dungeon Master! Hopefully you feel better soon!


Roid Rage's Q dose of lexicon knowledge:

AM: The portion of the day between midnight and noon when most of what is going to get done does get done.

FUPA: The thickest area of a man's torso between his waistline and his chest

WHISKEY-DICKING: Tentative execution of a Task.

The Sacred Heart bell tower struck 0700 and it was time to start....The PAX started off with a simple "follow me" and commenced a Capri Lap around the AO to get the blood flowing. After the Capri Lap we went right into cadence with some Nancy Kerrigans, followed by some Sprinklers that were seemingly difficult for your trusted Q to get right, but we nailed it at the end. 

The Jump Squat Holds with an Al Gore (hold squat and pretend you're hugging a tree) ended up being just as brutal as the Wednesday morning at Stairway to Heaven. We started with 10 and worked our way down to 5 - we need to keep doing these and get all the way down to 1!!!


Round 1

Blockee//Coupon Burpee

-Merkin on the coupon
-Stand up
-Press coupon above your head
-Repeat 20X


-Standard pull up
-Lift legs 90 degrees or higher towards chest
-Lower legs
-Repeat 5X

Blockee/Coupon Burpee

-Merkin on the coupon
-Stand up
-Press coupon above your head
-Repeat 10X


-Standard pull up
-Lift legs 90 degrees or higher towards chest
-Lower legs
-Repeat 5X

The PAX then moseyed over to the pavilion and found a nice flat brick wall...

Round 2 - Dirty Hookup

-Plank position facing wall
-(1) Right arm raised and pressed to the wall
-(2) Left arm raised and pressed to the wall (now in horizontal plank)
-(3) Right hand back to ground
-(4) Left hand back to ground (full plank position)
-Repeat 20X

Mosey on over to a quiet little street within the park...

Round 3 - Ascending Curb Crawl

-Bear crawl (BC) across street
-1 Merkin
-BC back across street
-2 Merkin
-Don't stop and hit 10! (performed last 10 merkins together as PAX)

Pac Man with a 30 count for a quick rest...

Mosey over to the service drive with a solid curb...

Round 4 - Mike Tyson

-Plank position with feet against curb
-Contract legs for horizontal squat
-Extend legs and perform 1 merkin
-Return to full plank
-Repeat 10X

-Belushi led the mosey back to the flag...


We kicked off the 6MoM with 50X Freddie Mercury's (Bicycle sit ups), 10 second rest, 30X Freddie Mercury's, 10 second rest, 15X Freddie Mercury's, and a final 10 second rest. Straight into Hundreds - 100X 6 inch arm pulses, while on your 6 with legs straight out at a 45 degree angle - make sure the head and shoulders are off the pavement! Did an extra 20X together as a PAX. 


Our count-o-rama/name-o-rama verified that we had 5 PAX members for the day and talked about all of the stuff we have going on in our life - MAD COW's health checked out and it was great to have him back (thanks for grabbing the coupons and flag!). Forrest is going from second shift to first shift starting tomorrow - so there was a shout for him as well. We discussed the Merkin Challenge and then reminded everyone that we are now on a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule. 

We ended our CoT with a prayer around Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith - thanking the greater powers out there for the ability to dedicate ourselves to such a great cause and become better men.

Your dedicated Q,

Roid Rage