Coupons & Stairs

After encountering some road closed signs on his way in that actually meant the road was unpassable and a significant detour was required, YHC arrived at the AO right at 5:30 to a waiting group of 8 pax. The disclaimer was stumbled through and core principles were recited. With an FNG among the pax a longer explanation of cadence counting and exercise names was given as well.

Pax: Pit Boss, Pumbaa, Sex Panther, Mad Cow, Hank the Tank, Rehab, Snoop, FNG Steamroller, QIC Bald Eagle.


15 SSH - IC
15 Windmills - IC
Arm Circles - 10x Flap Jack
Indian Mosey to Stairs with coupons above head.

The pax continued the mosey to the top of the stairs, where 5 cones were placed in a star pattern. The pax were instructed to pair up, and exercises were assigned to each cone, after the pax completed the exercise at a given cone, they would bear crawl to the second cone to their right - in effect forming a star pattern. The exercises were: 10x Blerkins, 10x Goblet Squats, 20x OH Presses, 5x Man Makers, and 20x LBC’s.

After the pax completed a full set, they ran to the bottom of the stairs and back up. After the pax returned to the top they completed another set of exercises, this time all were done IC and instead of bear crawling the pax ran around the outside of the cones to the station adjacent to them. The exercises performed included squats, merkins, twizzlers, burpees, and LBC’s.

The pax then moseyed back to the AO where they completed the Team American Hammer - on 6’s in a circle passing coupons in one direction, and after 2 minutes flap-jacking directions.

  • Good to have Rehab back from IR.

  • IPC this week sounds challenging - we’ll be getting after that on Thursday.

  • Hank the Tank has the Q Wednesday.

  • Thanks again for everyone’s prayers for our pregnancy - it’s been a long journey already and the adventure is just beginning.

Thought for the day - along the lines of seeing the road closed signs, pay attention to our bodies and also cues from our world. Know the pain that leads to growth and the pain that leads to injury, and pursue growth. Living with heightened awareness of our world can improve our lives on many levels.

Bald Eagle Out

BackBlast #244-Lots of Upper Body Work

Preblast via Slack 9/8/19

There will be a workout at 5:30 tomorrow morning at Johnson Park, and I have the Q.  Coupons required. Can I get those HC’s?

AO-Johnson Park

56 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 3 PAX.  Roid Rage, Bald Eagle, and Less (QIC)


-15 count toe touch

-15 count down to the left toe, 15 count down to the right toe, 15 count down to the middle

-10 arm circles forward in cadence, 10 arm circles backwards in cadence

-Merkins on the coupon, 10 with left hand on ground and right hand on coupon, 10 with both hands on coupon, and 10 with right hand on ground and left hand on coupon

-Motivators from 6 to 1

-Capri bear crawl lap

The Thang

-80 yard Indian bear crawl

-Team merkins from 1 to 8

-50 yard Indian bear crawl

-Colt 45’s X2-So basically Cot 90’s

-50 yard crab walk

-16 Twizzlers in cadence

-50 yard bear crawl

-Team shoulder press from 1 to 8

-50 yard crab walk

-20 merkins

-30 yard bear crawl

-Team curls from 1 to 8


-30 American Hammers in cadence

-10 flutter kicks in cadence, 10 second leg lifts, 10 scissors in cadence

-25 Supermans in cadence

-30 LBC’s in cadence




More or Less,



Backblast #243 Birthday Flora Games

AO: The Zoo

Cool 55 Lite fog


Week one of IronPax challenge is ending. It’s all fun and games until someone gets burned. Who is a HC?

Core Principles and disclaimer recited to 6 PAX

Kraut, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow, Less, Hasselhoff, QIC Soft Spot


5 Motivators IC

10 Cherry Pickers IC

10 Arm Circles IC -Flapjack


The Thang

Colt 45 IC

Birthday Flora

YHC turned 35 on Thursday. We performed a Flora style routine with each hitting 35 of each exercise.

We partnered up to perform each exercise in 3 sets of 10 and 1 set of 5 for 35 reps.

1. Merkins and Planks. While one PAX performed 10 Merkins (resting hands on the coupon) the other held Plank. Rotate to complete 35 reps each.

2. Gobblet Squats. PAX started in the down position holding their coupon. Hold the down position with your coupon while your partner performs 10. Rotate to complete the 35 reps.

3. LBCs with a coupon. PAX then moved to their 6. Holding the coupon high on their cest they would perform the 4 counts

LBC. When the set is complete they would hold the coupon stright up above their head while the other PAX performed their set. Rotate until 35 Reps were reached.

After all teams completed the Flora we carried our coupon for a mosey to our next workout location. Across the park, there was a circle of stump chairs. The 6 of us spread out for a game of duck duck goose. PAX would perform high knees while one went around the circle. When they passed the other PAX tapping Duck, the PAX would perform a squat. When the PAX was tapped Goose, they would run in the opposite direction around the circle. The first PAX to reach it back was safe.

This made a fun challenge as each of us were at different skill levels of speed. Also being spaced out with a wider circle added to the challenge. After each PAX had a few oppertunities we moved on to the next part of the park.

Another Mosey with our coupons took us to an open field area. We teamed up 3 on 3 for a down and back game of frisbee. YHC brought an aero disk. This was different then the other frisbee disks the PAX was used too.

The Rules:

If the PAX made a bad throw. Over the head or completely away from the team, they would perform 10 merkins. If the team member missed or dropped the frisbee they would perform 10 merkins for not catching. If the other team blocked the pass everyone performed merkins. The Losing team will pick an exercise for the victors to perform.

It was a great game with lots of running and merkins. The frisbee disk flew differently than many of us expected, as we over through our team many times. YHC even got the frisbee stuck in the tree. Bald Eagle and Less used a coupon to toss up and knock it down.

The PAX then moved back to the AO with their coupon for the Victory game 10 sets of an exercise determined by the losing team. We all performed the determined 5 Motivators and 5 Thrusters. When we finished the 5 count thrusters, Bald Eagle felt we didn't perform enough, so YHC led in 15 more. There was some mumble chatter as YHC kept going after 5, and then 10.


The PAX moved to their six. We started off with some American Sledgehammers with a full set down of the coupon 8 4 count IC.

We then continued on with a flutter kick hoedown with our coupons.

7- 4 count with coupons raised in Hallujiah

7- 4 count with coupons held out front reclined 45° back

7- 4 count laying back with coupons held straight up.

The PAX then moved to finish up with the last exercise of Freddie Mercury 10 IC

That's a wrap.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


GR GORUCK light today - Good Luck HIMs who are going!!


Soft Spot.

BackBlast #242 - IronPax Week 1: The Killer B's

Preblast via Slack: “I’ve got the Q tomorrow at the GRCC track for Iron Pax Week 1. It’s you vs. you, with no coupons required. Where are my HCs at‽”

AO - The Track, 59F

[0530 - Core Principles recited to 16 Pax] - Radio, Mad Cow, Forrest, Creatine, Dapends, Gravy, Basic Bro, Bald Eagle, Snoop, Hasselhoff, Soft Spot, Pit Boss, Hank the Tank, Cortez, Roid Rage, Kraut (QIC).


Capri Lap
20 SSH

The Thang

PAX completed The IronPax Week 1 Workout: The Killer B’s

Broad Jump 10 Yards
10 Burpees
10 Bonnie Blairs (count each leg)
10 Big Boy Sit Ups

Broad Jump 10 Yards
10 Burpees
10 Bonnie Blairs (count each leg)
10 Big Boy Sit Ups

Broad Jump 10 Yards
10 Burpees
10 Bonnie Blairs (count each leg)
10 Big Boy Sit Ups

Bear Crawl back to start (30 yards)


Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama

Submit your times from this morning to the F3 Greenwood website.
Let Basic Bro know if there is a better time and location for HDHH.
Still working on dates for relay race vs. Kalamazoo, see poll on Slack.
It’s Soft Spot’s Birthday! Happy Birthday to him!


Kraut - Out

BackBlast #241 5K Ups and Downs!

AO: The Calder:

Temp: 63 degrees

Core principles and disclaimer read: 3 pax in attendance

Mad Cow, Forrest, Hank The Tank


25 SSH

Arm to shoulder stretches 10 seconds L/R

stretch to ankles and middle 10 seconds each

15 cherry pickers with a back clap

The Thang:

Lets get to it. Pax started heading directly up Michigan Hill, for a leg burner, with pain stations along the way.

every Kilometer Merkins would be performed in different variations. 1st KM 10 merkins, 2nd Km ,15 dirkins,

3rd Km 20 incline merkins , 4th Km 25 merkis 5th Km 30 merkins.

5 KM were completed and Back to AO for 5 minutes of Mary

!5 lbc’s

15 American Hammers

finishing with a 1 minute plank

count-o rama


Run Forrest Run

Backblast #239 - Tabata Throwdown

September 2, 2019

AO: Black Ops (GRCC Track)

Core Principles and Disclaimer recited to 3 PAX

Roid Rage, Sex Panther, Snoop (QIC)


Capi Lap

5 Burpees OYO
Cherry Pickers with a Back Clap IC X15
5 Burpees OYO

The Thang

 A tabata workout is a High Intensity Interval Training workout with 4 minutes of work for each exercise. The structure is 20 seconds of AMRAP (AYG) then 10 seconds of rest. Rinse and repeat the same exercise for a total of 8 interval sets. After each tabata set, the PAX did suicide runs down the length of the track. 

Tabata Squats
Suicide Runs
Suicide Runs
Suicide Runs
Suicide Runs
Big Boy Sit Ups
Suicide Runs

We were running low on time and only had time for one more tabata set. However, I still had two tabata exercises planned, Burpees (1) and Jump Squats (2). I asked the PAX to pick the number 1 or 2 to decide the last set. 2 was chosen so the last set was Jump Squats. It was decided halfway through the last set that the burpees might have been better than the jump squats. 

Flutter Kicks IC X15
LBs IC X15
World War 2 Situps IC X15
5 Burpees OYO



Drop It Like It’s Hot



Backblast #237 - Down and Back

Pre-Blast: @channel - JBZ in the gloom. Bring a coupon. Bring a ruck, if you have one, for EC. Now accepting HCs.

NOTE: Basic Bro does not approve of the new TOOL album and made that fact clear at the beginning of the workout.

Disclaimer and conditions recited.

Salute to the PAX: Mad Cow, Snoop, Bullwinkle, Kraut, Pitt Boss, Basic Bro, Creatine, Roid Rage (QIC)


  1. standing leg spread stretches - 10 count - center, left leg, right leg - wash, rinse, repeat

  2. on six - knees to chest - 20 second count each leg

  3. on six - knee crossover - 20 second count each leg

  4. mosey lap - mix in high knees and butt kickers periodically

  5. Sprinter lunges - deep and slow lunges - pushing right elbow down towards right ankle (likewise for the left)

The Thang

The following exercises were meant to be performed at the top of the hidden staircase; however, the PAX ran into some construction and it was clear that the steps were no longer. We modified the workout to run [with coupons and rucks (if applicable)] at the base of the steps. Each stretch was ~150 feet, so I approximate that a round of down and backs (2X) to be about appx. 600 feet with no elevation gain. Upon return, PAX planked on coupon until the 6 returned to us.

  1. down and back (2x) #1 - 20X alternating hand merkins - rucks on - OYO

  2. down and back (2x) #2 - 20X squat to overhead press (thrusters) - rucks on - IC

  3. down and back (2x) #3 - partner up - calf raises on coupon while partner planks on coupon (counterweight) - rucks on - 30X each partner and wash, rinse, and repeat for a total of 60X

  4. down and back (3x) #4 - 25X AMERICAN sledgehammers with coupon - rucks off - IC

    1. 10 merkins - rucks on - OYO

    2. 30 second plank on coupons - rucks on - 1FQ (Kraut) called out count

    3. on six - 1 minute recovery in silence - just breathe

  5. down and back (2x) #5 - Colt 45s - bicep curl routine with coupon - rucks on

    1. 30X flutter kicks - hold weight above your chest - IC

The Thang - cont.

Indian Bear Crawl - like an Indian (Native People) run but you’re bear crawling instead. The PAX in the last position does 3X merkins and then quickly bear crawls to the front of the line. PAX needs to make sure the bear crawl is slow in order to let the PAX in the back catch up adequately. Any location/distance works for this. We covered approximately 300 feet and we were toasted at this point - no rucks with this guy.

  1. down and back (2X) #6 - 30X flutter kicks - hold weight above your chest - IC

    1. on six - 1 minute recover in silence - just breathe

Weights on - mosey back to base AO - workout is complete.

Message - don’t forget to just BREATHE sometimes!

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama


Backblast #236 - The Ole '76er

The Ole ‘76'er will be an improvement to a previous 7 of Diamonds workout in held in May.
[click here for the 7 of Diamonds backblast]

Pre-Blast Via Slack (8/28/19):

Thursday's Q is set to be something special. Let's call this one:
The Ole '76er.
Accepting HC's in the thread below.

AO - Hospital Hill | 56 degrees

[0530 - Core Principles recited to 12 Pax] - Forrest, Hank The Tank, Snoop, Little Bro, Pit Boss, Roid Rage, Miss Daisy, Basic Bro, Cortex, Hasselhoff, Creatine, MAD COW (QIC).


Various Stretching
Capri Lap around the track

The Thang:

The Ole ‘76er - A take off the 7 of Diamonds routine. Start with a 1/2 lap around the track. Perform exercise. Complete the lap around the track. Perform exercise…then, PAX waiting for the six will continue to do exercises until everyone arrives.

Round | Exercise | Waiting for the Six
1 | 7 Burpees | SSH
2 | 14 Merkins | Lunges
3 | 21 Flutter Kicks | Run back and finish w/Six
4 | 28 Squats | Burpees
5 | 21 Flutter Kicks | Al Gore
6 | 14 Merkins | SSH
7 | 7 Burpees | Al Gore

*Modification: Need more? Add a sandbag on your shoulders and run…which many did [nice work - Hank the Tank, Roid Rage among others!].

With the 7 rounds completed, we still have time left! Let’s do another round:

8 | 28 Squats | Al Gore


Counting the Capri Lap, the PAX have now done 9 laps around the track. What to do for Mary? How about another round? LETS GET A TOTAL OF 10 LAPS AROUND THE TRACK DONE.

9 | American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s | BBS

Leaders Message:

From the Q-Source dated August 28th [click here]

You have not lived today successfully unless you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you. If you give to others on your team without their knowing, they cannot repay you. Try it. Get in the habit of doing it and you may not be able to stop.

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama


  • Snoop as 3FQ; PAX to share church outreach letter

  • Mondays as Black Ops for right now, testing viability

  • Registration still open - GoRuck Light, Sat, Sept. 7; GrowRuck Tough Naperville, Sept. 20-22

  • Sign up for Iron Pax Challenge (Thurs workouts in Sept)

  • Wed Founders workouts suspended, replaced with HDHH 1st Wed of the month, 6-8p,
    Logan’s Alley on Sept. 4th

  • Upcoming Capture the Flag convergence with F3KZoo (race to Waldorf Brewpub, Hastings)

As always, its a pleasure,


Backblast #235 – Bataan Death Marches


It was a brisk Saturday morning and YHC decided to develop a low, slow and heavy workout for the PAX; with extra credit coupons if anyone dared. 

AO – Zoo

60 degrees and sunny


[0700 – Core Principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 14 PAX] – Pit Boss, Less, Jansport (FNG), Creatine, Ferigno, Basic Bro, Stalin, Little Bro, Gravy, Forrest, Bald Eagle, Mad Cow, Radio, Hasselhoff (QIC)






The Thang:

Bataan Death March #1: PAX held coupon overhead, with the person at the end completing 5 tri-cept extensions before running to the front.

PT:  10 Squats, 5 Bodybuilders (audible was called when YHC’s ruck kept hitting him in the head), 1 min chillcutt plank

Bataan Death March #2:  PAX held coupon at 90 degree angle, with the person at the end completing 5 curls before running to the front.

PT:  10 Squats, 10 Dead Lifts, 1 min chillcutt plank

Bataan Death March #3:  PAX held coupon at chin level, with the person at the end completing 5 overhead presses before running to the front.

PT:  10 Squats, 10 Dead Lifts, 1 min chillcutt plank

Bataan Death March #4: PAX farmer carried coupon, with the person at the end completing 5 curls before running to the front.

PT: Broke up into three groups for circuit work.  1 person from the group would complete 20 Swerkins (timer for the exercises) while the remaining PAX alternated either 2 pulls ups or a 5 second hang; until all people were done.

Lunge walk/coupon kettle swings:  PAX lunge walked 15 yards back and forth, completing Kettle swings with their coupons, going from 1 – 10 in ascending order at each end.

Count-O-Rama – Name-O-Rama



Bald Eagle is looking to develop a Fantasy Football league


The beaches are safe,


Backblast #234 Leaders leading Leaders and I owe Burpees

Thursday August 22, 2019

AO: GRCC Track


Good Morning Gents! Who is ready to earn a rest day? I have the Q for Thursday at the track and request you bring your rucks and or coupons. Plenty of ways to earn extra credit or modify if needed. Where are my HCs?

11 PAX and a super late Q Soft Spot.

Snoop, Basic Bro, Hasselhoff, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Pit Boss, Little Brother, Roid Rage, Radio, DM

QIC Kraut / Soft Spot

One of the thing F3 strives to do is encourage leaders. Always leading and leading leaders. Watching for the 6th and never leaving a man where you found him. Today was a great example of that. This was not the best day for YHC. I felt prepared and ready for today before bed last night. I woke up late. I don't recall hitting the snooze but I woke up 14 minutes after the beatdown started. After quickly getting ready I was out the door. I may have left the guys stranded, but I was going to be there for the end. Showing up 30 minutes late I found the PAX performing Prison Burpees. I was glad that Kraut stepped up and covered while I was in the fart sack.

0530 The PAX stood confused and mumble chatter starting. The Q was MIA. Leaderless the PAX was a bit lost. They decided to do a lap around the track. It wouldn’t be the first time YHC has come late to a beatdown. After the lap when I was still not there, Kraut took charge.

25 SSH

10 Cherry Pickers with a back clap

Moving into the Thang the PAX performed Prison Burpees with block jumps from 20 Crossing the field between rounds.

(Prison Burpee - Performing starting reps, 20 Burpees, run to next point, 19 burpees and then run to the next point. Continue until you reach 0)

Most PAX made it to about 15 before the Q showed up.

I joined the men and had them circle up so I could do a very short mini plan for today.

Colt 45 IC with Ruck or Coupon

15 Squats (Extra Credit with Ruck or Coupon)

Ascending Bear Crawl. The PAX will line up on one side of the field. They will perform 1 Merkin (Extra credit for using the coupon for a Derkin or Ruck Merkin), then bear crawl to the other side of the field, perform 2, continue to 5.


10 IC American Hammer with Coupon/Ruck

15 IC Hallelujah Flutter Kicks holding Coupon/Ruck above the head.

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama


- Soft Spot... I owe Burpees

Backblast #233 | [GOOD] plan

Its #5KWednesday and I’m freestyle’n with a black hat, orange shirt, black shorts. Let’s Go!

Pre-Blast Via Slack (8/20/19):

MAD COW is on the Q for the #5kWednesday. We will be on the freestyle. So, every couple of blocks we will stop for pain stations on our way to running a 5K.

Taking HC's in the thread below.

AO - The Calder | 68 degress | 94% humidity [time to sweat]

[0530 - Core Principles recited to 8 Pax] - Radio, Bald Eagle, Forrest, Depends, Hank The Tank, Soft Spot, DM [Welcome Back Cotter], MAD COW (QIC).


Various Stretching w/PAX putting their shoes on. Seriously, two dudes were still lacing them up.

The Thang:

Time to run. I have no idea how far we ran as my high-tech smart watch took a break about halfway through the workout. I am assuming we were between 2.5 & 3 miles. We ran and then stopped every so often with a lot of the following exercises.

We were freestyle’n, so this is only what I can recall:

Worst Merkin Ever
Plank Jacks
Alternating shoulder taps into dirty hook-ups
Over a bed of loose rock (yep) - backwards run, squats, forward sprint, squats (x2)

We ran by a parking garage and I couldn’t resist….

Parking Garage:

  • Up the stairs [a butt load of stairs. Tallest parking garage ever]

  • BBS

  • Run backwards down the ramp

  • Karaoke right

  • Forwards down the ramp

  • Karaoke left

This was done until we got to the ground floor. It was A LOT. Did I mention this parking lot was stupid tall?


1 to 10 - We’re freestyle’n right? Let’s try this for a Mary workout??

Top of ramp - 1 BBS
Bottom of ramp - 9 flutter kicks
Top of ramp - 2 BBS
Bottom of ramp - 8 flutter kicks

Repeato until time ran out.

Count-O-Rama / Name-O-Rama


  • Soft Spot on Q Thursday.

  • Sign up for Iron Pax Challenge (Thurs workouts in Sept)

  • Wednesday night Founders workouts suspended. Replaced with HDHH - 1st Wed of the month, 6-8 pm, rotating locations suggested by PAX

As always, its a pleasure,


BackBlast #231-Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Preblast via Slack 8/18/19

I have the Q for tomorrow morning’s workout at 5:30 at Johnson Park.  No coupons required.  Can I get those HC’s?

AO-Johnson Park

64 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 5 PAX.  Forrest, Mad Cow, Bald Eagle, Basic Bro, and Less (QIC) 


-10 Rubber band stretches to the toes in cadence

-Standing groin stretch count to 15

-20 overhead claps in cadence into 20 seal claps in cadence into 10 overhead claps in cadence into 10 seal claps in cadence

-15 high knees in cadence

-Motivators from 5 to 1

The Thang

-Paired up and started at opposite ends of the parking lot.  Each pax would run 2 parking spaces forward and then back peddle 1 parking space.  The pax would then do an exercise and then repeat this process until the pair met in the middle of the parking lot.  Approximately 25 parking spaces for the whole parking lot. 

  1. 1st round-1 burpee

  2. 2nd round-2 royal burpees (burpee without the pushup at the bottom and jump at the top)

  3. 3rd round-3 hand release merkins

  4. 4th round-4 standing backwards lunges (1 each leg)

  5. 5th round-5 squats

  6. 6th round-3 hand release merkins

  7. 7th round-1 royal burpee


-1 minute leg lifts

-1 minute chillcut plank



More or Less,


Backblast #230 - MATA Mile / Bank and Yarborough

Preblast via Slack: “I’ve got the Q for tomorrow’s ruck! We will start at Brewery Vivant at 5:30pm. Be ready for miles and ruck work because it’s GRL/GrowRuck prep time. Where are my HCs at? M’s welcome, but let them know about the ruck work. Bring water. LFG.”

AO - Brewery Vivant, 75F

[1730 - Core Principles recited to 4 Pax] - Bald Eagle, Hasselhof, Snoop, Kraut (QIC).

The Thang

PAX completed the Bank and Yarborough followed immediately by the MATA Mile from GoRuck’s August Rucking Challenge.

Ruck 3 Miles
3 Rounds of:
Partner 1 Sprint 50m, Partner 2 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 2 Sprint 50m, Partner 1 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 1 Sprint 100m, Partner 2 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
Partner 2 Sprint 100m, Partner 1 Static Ruck Hold Overhead
(no weight while sprinting, add a sandbag to the sprint during last round)

The PAX were sweating at this point, and thought they were done. Unbeknownst to them, YHC had other plans. We moved straight in to

4 stations (ruck is optional):
Ruck squats
Plank hold
Flutter kicks
While one partners exercises the other rucks 400M as fast as possible.

1 MILE TEAM RUCK Using a Sandbag or another sort of team weight (get creative), ruck 1 mile while alternating who carries the load or carry it together but you must finish as a team. The PAX found some sandbags to use. The last 1/8 of a mile was a sandbag toss.

Kraut - Out

BackBlast #229-Another old GoRuck Workout

Preblast via Slack 8/16/19

For those of you who are not able to make the Kalamazoo celebration workout there will still be a workout at the zoo, and I have the Q.  We will do a few extra burpees for Kalamazoo.  Coupons are required.  Can I get those HC’s?

AO-The Zoo

64 degrees with no precipitation

Core principles recited.  Disclaimer given to 7 PAX.  Radio, Roid Rage, Hank the Tank, Hasselhoff, Stalin, Pitt Boss, and Less (QIC) 


-10 Cherry Pickers with a back clap in cadence 

-10 Willie Mays Hayes in cadence

-15 Merkins

-Motivators from 5 to 1

-Al Gore for 40 seconds

The Thang

-Set up a square course of cones with each cone being 45 feet apart.  

-Started off bear crawling one side of the square and then doing 12 burpees at the first corner.

-Then crab walked the second side and did 12 squats at the next corner.

-Then bear crawled the third side and did 12 merkins at the next corner.

-Then crab walked the fourth side and did 12 shoulder presses with the coupon at the final corner.

-The pax repeated this process dropping one rep each time around until they got down to 1 rep. 


30 LBC’s in cadence

30 Superman’s in cadence

30 American Hammers in cadence

10 flutter kicks in cadence, 10 second leg lifts, 10 scissors in cadence

Circle merkins 4 times around with each pax doing 5 merkins each time



Leaders Message

When you are having a rough day or you are just worrying a lot, just slow down and enjoy the good things in life and be thankful for what you have. You can often miss these things if you are just rushing through life. Here is the poem that I have framed in my house that helps to remind me of this.

Slow Dance

Have you ever watched kids on a Mary Go Round

Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground

Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night

You’d better slow down

Don’t dance so fast

Time is short

The music won’t last

Do you run through each day on the fly

When you ask “ How are you” do you hear the reply

When the day is done do you lie in your bed

With the next hundred chores running thru your head

You’d better slow down

Don’t dance so fast

Time is short

The music won’t last

Ever told your child we’ll do it tomorrow

And in your haste not see his sorrow

Ever lost touch , let a good friendship die

Because you never had time to call and say hi

You’d better slow down

Don’t dance so fast

Time is short

The music won’t last

When you run so fast to get somewhere

You miss half the fun of getting there

When you worry and hurry through your day

It is like an unopened gift thrown away

Life is not a race

Do take it slower

Hear the music 

Before the song is over

More or Less,


Backblast #227 - Good Morning, Mr. President!

Date – 8/14/2019
AO – Calder Plaza Bunker

66 degrees

·       [0530 – Core Principles recited. Disclaimer given to 6 PAX] Gravy, Hasselhoff, Mad Cow, Radio, Dapends, Forrest


Warm o rama

·       10 cherry pickers with a back clap

·       Seated leg stretches

·       25 side straddle hops

·       40 hand release Merkins alternating with 4 Calder plaza sprints


The Thang – Good Morning Mr. President

·       PAX ran across the Blue Bridge to President Ford’s grave, stopped for 10 Clerkins and a salute

·       Ran to Calder over Bridge Street followed by 20 decline Merkins

·       PAX ran across the Blue Bridge to President Ford’s grave, then stopped for 15 Clerkins and a salute

·       Ran to Calder Plaza followed by 20 decline Merkins

·       PAX ran across the Blue Bridge to President Ford’s grave, paused only to say good morning, then returned to Calder plaza and finished off with 10 final hand release Merkins

Count-O-Rama | Name-O-Rama, QIC asked each PAX to name one thing they were grateful for.

Backblast #226 Night Ruck

Saturday August 10, 2019

02:00 John Ball Park 59° / 91% Humidity

Goal Ruck through the night reaching near 13 miles with various obstacles and then complete the F3 Morning workout.

This was a great opportunity to experience similar conditions to the GROWRUCK that is coming up in September.

Disclaimer and Core Principles given to 5 PAX

Kraut, Snoop, Basic Bro, SoSo, QIC Soft Spot


We started with a basic PT test. Rucks off

AMRAP in 1 Minute Merkins

AMRAP in 1 Minute Sit-UPs

Shuttle run approx 1/2 Mile + in 5:00 Minutes

The Thang

The PAX departed the AO with 20-30# in their rucks, plus water and supplies. The route took us towards Millennium Park. As we ventured towards the path, YHC talked about some GORUCK videos he watched and terminology. We all had headlamps, and for majority of the hike, we did not use them. The first few miles were steady pace. It wasn’t long before we all noticed the foul air from the surroundings. We rucked past stagnant water and swampy grounds. As the path opened up we reached the trails of Millennium park. As we followed the path we had slight long incline hills to traverse to our water infiltration part.

We left the comfort of the path and the road and descended a step grade to the stream. For safety, we used our headlamps. Watching our steps we found parts to be very mucky and quickly changing depths. With a few downed tress to climb over or under we reached a spot that many chose to sit and step over the edge to near chest deep waters before we made it to the mouth of the stream. Once we all stepped onto the sandy shore we bear crawled along the edge of the water. Hands sinking in spots as we approached the boat dock on the Grand.

Now that we made it successfully to shore we made it for the tree line where our air drop supply was. Two small logs were laying in wait. The PAX picked them up and brought them back to the river for some exercise. First each PAX completed two Ruck Ups. This was not as easy. The water and the muck from the soft shore sucking us back down as we laid back gave extra credit to our work. We then held the logs to our chest as we performed flutter kicks in cadence. After 15 reps we raised the logs in hallelujah and performed another 15 in cadence. We decided to place our supply of logs back for the next time and start to work our way back to the AO. We rucked back through the water to the stream and back to Millennium Park. As we rucked along the trail we performed farmer carry for a distance then flap jacked. After Rucking for a bit more, we moved to hold the ruck up with one arm above our heads as a shoulder press for a distance before we flap jacked.

After a mile or so, we picked up the pace with a bit of a jog shuffle. We rucked for a bit more then as we approached the AO we took the hill to another supply drop. We had a weighted pipe that needed to be brought to the AO. Each PAX took turns carrying the pipe up the hill and through the woods. We reached the AO at 06:30, with completing 11.22 miles. We then prepared ourselves for the beatdown lead by Kraut.

Soft Spot