The Fall 2020 NFS Challenge

The year is coming to a close and the world is no less crazy than it was in March.  The holiday season is always busy and it’s easy to lose focus and to start slacking, so here is a reason to keep accelerating.  The F3GR Fall 2020 NFS Challenge.  The NFS (No F*cking Slack) Challenge is an options challenge that is open to all Pax of F3GR.  It will push you to stay active in improving your Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. If you commit to this challenge, you will be asked to complete the following between 11/16 and 12/31:

The First F:
Workout 3 times per week MINIMUM.  Workouts can be F3GR Workouts or can be something else, just provide substantiation that you did it.

Complete three of the following five challenges.  You can do more than three, but only three are required:

  • 12 Days of Fitmas – Complete 12 days of exercises that stack on top of the previous days.  This means that on day 5 you do the exercises for day 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.  You can start at any time, but if you miss a day you have to start back at the beginning.
  • Merry Bear Crawlsmas – Bear crawl a total of 2.5 miles over the course of the NFS challenge.  Bear crawls during workouts count towards your total
  • NFSlacksgiving – Complete 673 Squats, 673 BBS, and 674 Burpees (2020 total) during the NFS Challenge.  Reps during workouts that you count towards the NFS Challenge DO NOT COUNT.
  • All AO Challenge – Post at every AO (including Holland) at least once during the NFS Challenge
  • The Centurion – Run, ruck, or walk a total of 100 miles during the NFS Challenge.  Miles during workouts count towards your total.

The Second F:
Complete two of the three Second F Challenges:

  • The Q – Q a workout
  • Fellowship – Attend one 2F Event during May (Coffeeteria, HDHH, Bible Study, Virtual Meeting or something else you throw out to all of the pax). It must be an F3 specific gathering.
  • Iron Sharpens Iron – Schedule a time outside of a workout to grab coffee, a beer, or something else with a Pax that you do not know well.  Regardless of who initiates this, both Pax get credit.  This meeting can be virtual if you are more comfortable with that.

The Third F:
Complete two of the three Third F Challenges:

  • Reading – Read one new book (150 page minimum) in the month of April that is important to your Faith (whatever that means to you).
  • Give it Away – Bring an FNG to a workout. Your FNG must post to their first workout during the NFS Challenge.
  • Concentrica – In F3 lingo your Concentrica is “The circular rings formed by a man’s most Proximate relationships.”  The first ring is your M, the second ring is your 2.0’s.  In most cases that means your spouse and your kids, respectively.  For this challenge, you must spend a minimum of one dedicated hour with each of the people in your Concentrica.

What do you get for doing this?

  1. Acceleration in all three F’s
  2. Respect from your fellow Pax
  3. A sweet new F3GR NFS Patch

What is the story of the NFS Challenge?

The answer to that is simple, but somewhat obscure.

From David Hackworth’s About Face:
Hack recognized that the cornerstone of esprit is hard work and success: “You can’t make a unit proud by praising it and you can’t make a soldier proud by telling him how tough or good he is. That’s the superficial stuff. No pain, no gain. They had to earn it.” But equally, Hack knew the value of a little showmanship, particularly in building the cohesion that comes with being part of a distinct tribe:

… I brought back saluting, a sign of military discipline that had been swallowed up by the rice paddy mud. Then I added a twist. When a soldier saluted, I required him to sound off with a loud “Hardcore Recondo, sir” — to which the officer would reply, “No fucking slack” …. Bob Press hired a machine shop in Saigon to make small black metal Recondo arrowhead pins, which the men quickly began wearing …. all outgoing mail was stamped with the Recondo logo …. All of this said, We’re different, we’re not just plain old infantry, we’re the best.”

Also check out Jocko Podcast Episode 002 48:00-53:00

Top image credit Echo Charles and Jocko Willink