Free, Regularly Scheduled, Peer Led Workouts for Men.

Saturday | 0700-0800 | John Ball Park
Tuesday | 0530-0615 | Stairs on Division
Wednesday | 0530-0615 | Calder Plaza
Thursday | 0530-0615 | GRCC's Track


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Workout Locations (AO's)

F3 Grand Rapids is a part of the growing F3 Lake Effect region, which is working to support the efforts of F3 in West Michigan. Workouts have been up and running in Kalamazoo and Portage and will be launching in Grand Rapids in late April.

Free workouts will be held on Saturday mornings at John Ball Park at 0700. These workouts will follow the core principles of F3:

  • Are free of charge

  • Are open to all men

  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold

  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary

  • End with a Circle of Trust

 F3GR Pax working out at the Stairs on Division.

F3GR Pax working out at the Stairs on Division.

“Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found him.”


The Backstory

F3 Nation was founded in 2011 in Charlotte, NC as a Saturday morning workout group. It has since spread across the country and has thousands of men meeting at parks all across the country for free, peer led workouts.

The idea of working out together caught on with other men who were out of shape, isolated, lonely, and floating through life. Which is something that tends to happen when you let life happen instead of living with purpose.

To most fully understand the mission of F3, you should buy the Freed to Lead

  • Fitness: We function at our best when we are healthy. We often need positive peer pressure to help us stay active and motivated.

  • Fellowship: Men are often bad at relationships, especially relationships with other men. F3 provides an avenue to develop strong and healthy bonds.

  • Faith: A belief in something higher than yourself. You were made to have an impact and purpose in life.



Learn More


Through trial, error, success, and failure F3 has developed its own lexicon and culture and impacted thousands of lives. Check out the blog page to learn more about what has made F3 stick.

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Post at a Workout

The best way to learn about F3 is through experience. Come post at a workout, where as an FNG you'll get an F3 name and become part of the Pax. Linger for a coffeeteria, meet up at a HDHH, or sign up for a CSAUP event with your brothers.

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