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Why do we workout?

Here is one undeniable truth; Men need authentic relationships with other men who are working to be strong fathers, husbands and leaders. Isolation will destroy a man! We have the opportunity to change our community and the trajectory of our families.  Getting in the best shape of your life is just a by-product. The workout is what draws most men like a magnet but the relationships, brotherhood and community with other men will keeps men coming back. Lock shields with us and help us accomplish F3’s mission to invigorate male community leadership.

Johnson Park
(The Forbidden Forest)

DAY: Every Tuesday and Thursday

TIME: 5:30-6:15am

ADDRESS: 2600 Wilson Ave, Walker, MI 49534

MEETING POINT: Parking lot (off of entrance along Butterworth St SW)

WORKOUT: Bootcamp - Monday and Tuesday | Runclub - Thursday

SITE Q: Deep Blue

The Stairs
(Stairway to Heaven)

DAY: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

TIME: 5:30-6:15am

ADDRESS: 71 Fairbanks St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

MEETING POINT: Parking Lot along Fairbanks

WORKOUT: Bootcamp

SITE Q: Big Money

Manhattan Park
(The Better AO)

DAY: Every Tuesday and Thursday

TIME: 0530-0615am

ADDRESS: 404 Manhattan Rd, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506

MEETING POINT: Parking Lot off Manhattan Road

WORKOUT: Bootcamp

SITE Q: Soft Spot

The Zoo

DAY: Every Saturday

TIME: 0700-0800am

ADDRESS: 1300 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

MEETING POINT: NE corner of parking lot (in front of playground)

WORKOUT: Bootcamp

SITE Q: Less