Your 1st Workout

If you’re lucky enough to land here before you post at your first workout, there’s a few pro tips you should heed for a successful experience. If you’re reading this after your first workout, that means you didn’t die, and you’re probably coming back. We’re glad you’re here.


For FNGs, the swirl of inside lingo and jargon used at your average F3 workout can be a bit confusing, but don’t let it intimidate you. Like, for instance, “What’s an FNG, and why do people keep calling me that?” By the way, FNG stands for Friendly New Guy, or something like that. ;)

Common lexicon we use on a daily basis:

2.0: Your kids
Workout location
Workout recap
Post-workout gathering
Cinder block
Hump day happy hour
M: Your wife/significant other
You, a member of F3
: Show up for a workout
Leader of each workout
See you in the gloom
Triple claps (in admiration)
Your humble correspondent

Note: There’s a LOT of specific terminology in our Lexicon. Don’t let it overwhelm you. You’ll catch on quick. It’s easier than learning Pig Latin or html code.


We call “normal” exercises ridiculous names. For example, push-ups are “Merkins.” Call ‘em push-ups and you might have to do a few extra Merkins. Seems fair, right? Trying to make sense of what your body just did? Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it!

Note: You are not expected to know every exercise by name, but you’ll learn a lot of them over time. Pro tips for your first few Q’s: 1) Search for exercises in batches according to their “tag.” 2) Pick a word, e.g. “STRONG,” then theme your workout around exercises that start with each letter of that word.

Your First Q

F3 is peer-led. We’re building leaders, not followers. As soon as you’re comfortable, step up, and lead us, too. We like to see everyone Q at least two workouts per month. The first one’s always a little rough around the edges, but that’s okay—it’s how we become sharper.

Q Source

Leadership is a skill that a person must learn and master during their lifetime rather than an attribute of their character with which they are born. Use F3’s Q Source as a resource for the timeless principles of leadership and their effective application in our workouts and lives.